Marnie Reid charged $200 for 8km taxi trip from city to Northcote


Deborah Gough A woman desperate to rendezvous with her husband on a Friday night was charged $200 for travel just eight kilometres by an unscrupulous taxi driver.

Woman killed as car leaps creek at Northcote

Andy Park A woman has died after the car in which she was travelling leapt 30 metres into the air before crashing into a creek in Melbourne's north.

Cyclists rail against new Northcote tram super stops

Andrew Wilson says cyclists are being squeezed out by the construction of tram super stops on High Street, Northcote.

Adam Carey Major changes being made to road conditions at the southern end of High Street in Northcote could be 'the way of the future' for Melbourne's tram routes.

Childcare centre's pet rabbit decapitated and left in playground

Police tape.

Nick Toscano, Caroline Zielinski Children at a Melbourne childcare centre where a pet rabbit was brutally decapitated and a guinea pig found dead have created a shrine in memory of their beloved animals.

Honey, I may have been sold a lemon


Neil McMahon Few food products hit the consumer sweet spot with such an effective sting. From bee to jar to table, honey seems as clean a product as you will find on the shelf.

Cyclist knocks pedestrian unconscious

white bike sign

Steve Lillebuen A 59-year-old man has been knocked unconscious by a cyclist in Melbourne and taken to hospital with a head injury.

In an old church hall

Louise Honman Off a busy commercial street in Northcote there is a 19th-century church. The first glimpse that not all is as it seems is that there are plaques on the Gothic revival bluestone.

Graffiti artist's black mark from council

Street artist CDH, with his Weeping Portrait.

Aisha Dow What a farce: Street artist CDH has torn up his arts grant and made it into an artwork.

Woman driver hit by rock in Thornbury

Police Car, with Siren and lights, Cops, Emergencies, Generic

Alana Schetzer A woman has been injured after a rock was thrown through her car’s windscreen in Melbourne’s north on Sunday morning.

Melbourne renters face harsh home truths as gentrification creeps north

Jordan Lockett

Nick Toscano Renters are being priced out of working-class suburbia as gentrification creeps further north.

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Revolt in Labor ranks

Josh Gordon State Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews is facing a messy election-year revolt over claims that factional warlords are riding roughshod over local branch members.

Paul Keating describes Daniel Andrews as Australia's 'most energetic' opposition leader

Daniel Andrews.

Josh Gordon Former prime minister Paul Keating has dramatically entered the Victorian political fray, describing state opposition leader Daniel Andrews as a man of 'energy and pluck' and warning Labor's talent...

Woman hit by car in Thornbury

Chris Hingston Woman fights for her life after being hit by a car in Melbourne’s north.

Two pedestrians die in hospital after being hit by cars

Caroline Zielinski and Chris Hingston An elderly man has died in hospital after being hit by a car in Melbourne’s north last month.

Midsumma Festival draws massive crowd

The Age NEWS bod140112.001.001. Midsumma festival at Alexandra Gardens today. . Pic by James Boddington

Chris Hingston It was sunshine, the occasional skin tight ensemble and a dash of politics at the Midsumma Festival launch.

Ten arrested in massive illegal tobacco bust

Gearing up for a fight ... big tobacco.

Nino Bucci Eighty million cigarettes and more than 70 tonnes of tobacco have been seized by police, shattering one of the biggest illegal tobacco syndicates in Australian history.

House buyers dig deep

Generic auction

Chris Tolhurst Melbourne's real estate market is returning to health as more buyers pay above-reserve prices.

Deadlock discussions spread to MP's cancer treatment

Fiona Richardson

Henrietta Cook and Richard Willingham The state government is controversially considering whether it will continue to grant a pair for a Labor MP who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

It all comes out in the wash on Facebook

November 4, 2012, Northcote.

Dan Oakes Caught on camera in the dead of night, with an item of washing draped over his head, the man managed to look both menacing and ridiculous.

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Tacos at 10 paces? A fare approach to truck wars

Chingon Taco Truck Turf War IMAGE SOURCE Chingon Taco Truck

John Elder Like Mark Twain's death, rumours of a turf war among Melbourne's taco trucks have either been greatly exaggerated - or the truck owners are politely downplaying the palaver through gritted teeth.