Deborah Gough

Deborah Gough

Taxi licence holder on hunger strike

Deborah Gough An 80-year-old taxi licence holder has begun a hunger strike, labelling licence reforms "racist".

Comedy audience heckles rape survivor


Deborah Gough A rape survivor was heckled at a comedy open mic show Wednesday night as she tried to explain why she thought rape was never funny.

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'Always kind-hearted and respectful': parents mourn loss of siblings


Benjamin Preiss, Deborah Gough, Rachel Wells, Jill Stark and Kristian Silva The parents of the teenage siblings killed in Thursday Swanston Street wall collapse have paid tribute to the pair, following the death of 18-year-old Bridget Jones on Sunday morning.

Station staff do not deter thugs

Railway station

Deborah Gough More than three-quarters of all reported attacks at Melbourne train stations occur at staffed facilities.