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Commissioner champions Tecoma McDonald's 'human rights'

Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson's

Deborah Gough An Australian Human Rights Commissioner has used social media to spread his support for Tecoma's McDonald's shocking local protesters saying ''property rights''  and consumer rights were being...

Gang-rape threat allegations in ugly court stoush between Tecoma McDonald's campaigners

Alan Coutinho-Hogan outside court after Amy Muratore alleged he had threatened her with rape and violence.

Deborah Gough A daughter of the spokesman for the 'no Maccas' in Tecoma campaign has taken out an interim intervention order against a pro-McDonald's campaigner after threats of rape and violence were alleged.

McDonald's issues writs against Tecoma protesters

Tecoma Macca's protest.

Deborah Gough McDonald's has slapped Supreme Court writs on anti-development protesters at Tecoma in the Dandenong Ranges, claiming a blockade is causing costly delays in construction.

Tecoma protesters gather to stop McDonald's bulldozers

Deborah Gough About 200 Tecoma protesters are massing for a peaceful protest against a proposed McDonald's restaurant saying they fear bulldozers will arrive on Wednesday in the Dandenongs town.

McDonald's protester removed by police

Arsonists attack site occupied by residents fighting a McDonald's restaurant.

Deborah Gough Police have evicted anti-McDonald's protesters from a Tecoma site.