Police claim to have interrupted a drug syndicate between Australia and Mexico by charging two Melbourne men.

The men, a 49-year-old from Carlton North, and a 39-year-old from Southbank who police claim is a senior member of the Comancheros bikie club, are accused of making and exporting cocaine between the two countries.

The charges follow police seizing 2.4 kilogram of a methamphetamine-type substance last month and nearly 2.1kg of cocaine in September last year.

Methamphetamine is more commonly known as ice.

Police allege the men made and exported cocaine and other drugs into Australia from Mexico, using couriers on airlines.

In a statement, Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner, Crime, Stephen Fontana said the arrest sent "a clear message to crime syndicates".

“Victoria Police and our partner agencies will aggressively pursue anyone who takes part in this illegal activity," he said.

“We are committed to fighting and disrupting organised crime.”

The investigation, involving the Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police, Customs and the Australian Crime Commission, took 16 months.

The Crime Commission's national manager of intervention, Warren Gray, described the arrests as "dismantling a criminal syndicate".

"[It] will have a direct impact on the availability of illicit drugs in the community,” he said.

Police also seized $30,000 cash, 350 grams of white powder and 2400 tablets.

Mr Gray said there was a growing alliance between motorcycle gangs and Mexican drug cartels.

Mr Fontana said the investigation was ongoing and police were likely to charge others, but would not speculate about whether they were members of a bikie club.

‘‘I think it is a well-organised group; they do have international links, so that alone demonstrates they [pose] a significant risk to this country,’’ he said.

‘‘They’re importing relatively high-level quality of substance, which then gets diluted and sold for a massive profit.’’

Mr Gray said the level and significance of the targets of the operation were important in this case.

‘‘We’re about breaking the business model of organised crime,’’ he said.

‘‘The attacking of supply lines, whatever quantities they are and taking these people out in what is an ongoing criminal enterprise, is the significance of today.’’

He said the seniority of the syndicate members arrested today indicated ‘‘it’s a very good chance of disrupting the syndicate’’.

The 49-year-old was charged with six offences, including trafficking cocaine, and the 39-year-old was charged with four offences, including dealing in the proceeds of crime.