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Bicycle recycling scheme gives disadvantaged kids their first set of wheels

Adam Carey Broken down bicycles that have been abandoned in the city are being fixed up and given to youth from refugee and asylum seeker communities.

Melbourne to be split in two as Swanston Street is torn up

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 03:  A general streetscape view of Swanston Street in the cbd on April 3, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Jesse Marlow/Fairfax Media)

Adam Carey Melbourne is about to get a taste of a city divided as Swanston Street, the city's civic spine, is torn apart by jackhammers.

Relief on way for ring road 'pinch point' as Tony Abbott agrees to chip in


Adam Carey A dangerous "pinch point" on the Western Ring Road will be widened and made safer after the Abbott government matched a $150 million commitment from the Victorian government to upgrade the road.

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Melbourne-made double-decker bus ready to rumble when Regional Rail Link opens

Carl Thomas of Volgren in the double-decker bus.

Adam Carey, Transport Reporter Double-decker buses: London has them, Hong Kong has them and next month Melbourne will have them too.

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Shepparton Station: pyjama-clad protest over sparse train service

Mayor Dennis Patterson at Shepparton Station.

Adam Carey, Transport Reporter There are no sleeper trains from Shepparton, but residents of Victoria's fifth-largest city have to get up before the sun rises if they want to take the morning train to Melbourne.

Metro driver stood down over safety breach that could have caused a train smash

Metro drivers are trained to avoid passing red signals from day one.

Adam Carey, Transport Reporter Only luck and timing prevented a potential head-on train collision in Melbourne's east last month, after an experienced Metro driver defied all safety protocols and drove a train past two stop...

$1000 a call: Freeway emergency phones could go in VicRoads review

Freeway phone

Adam Carey Emergency telephones could become a thing of the past along Melbourne's freeways if a VicRoads review deems keeping the roadside phones is a waste of money.

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Mind the gap: key connection missing from Regional Rail Link

The new regional rail link will rupture the existing direct connection between Geelong and Werribee.

Adam Carey Madeleine Veale is an environment officer and likes to catch the train to work because it burns less fossil fuel than driving every day would.

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Road congestion to become a $9 billion drag on Victoria's economy, report warns

General direction: Rapid population growth on the city's outskirts is set to increase congestion.

Adam Carey, Transport Reporter The would-be corridor for the East West Link will be the fifth most costly source of congestion by 2031, the report predicts.

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Abbott government funding for new Melbourne tollway in doubt

Under the proposal, Transurban would get a 10 to 15 year extension on the existing tolling period for CityLink

Josh Gordon, Adam Carey Funding for a new tollway to relieve pressure on the West Gate Bridge is under a cloud, with the Abbott government lashing out at Premier Daniel Andrews for standing on the sidelines "demanding cash".

Maribyrnong City Council demands steps to safety at low Footscray rail bridge

Photo by Penny Stephens . The Age. A truck has lost its shipping container under a railway bridge on Napier st, Footscray. 14th November 2014

Adam Carey, Transport Reporter A Footscray bridge hit by an over-height truck about twice a month is "a time bomb" that will eventually lead to the death of a pedestrian, the mayor of Maribyrnong warns.

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Level crossings in Melbourne's south-east first to go in election to-do list

It is planned the crossings will be gone by 2018.

Adam Carey Four railway level crossings in the south-east will be the first of 50 in Melbourne to be removed, as the Andrews government promised.

Still waiting for the train in vain in Mernda

The member for Yan Yean, Danielle Green, insists the Mernda rail will be built this term.

Adam Carey A split has emerged in the Andrews government over how soon a rail extension to Mernda will be built, with local MP Danielle Green adamant the extension will be open "by the next election",...

Melbourne's 24-hour public transport trial puts government's PSO policy under pressure

Melbourne will trial 24-hour public transport next year.

Adam Carey, Transport Reporter Train travellers may be left to fend for themselves in the small hours at most of Melbourne's railway stations next year, with the Andrews government's budget for 24-hour public transport unlikely to...

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New underground station for South Yarra ruled out in rail tunnel plans


Adam Carey, Transport Reporter Melbourne Metro Rail Authority says the economic case for a new South Yarra station is very poor, with the cost and disruption outweighing passenger benefits.

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The East West Link is not dead yet, it's just sleeping

Federal budget

Adam Carey The East West Link is not dead. It's in cryonic preservation, the $3 billion the Abbott government has stubbornly committed to the project in Tuesday's budget breathing faint life into the cancelled...

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Victoria has no plans to hand back cash earmarked for the East West Link

Daniel Andrews says Victoria won't be giving back any money allocated for the East West link.

Richard Willingham and Adam Carey Victoria has no immediate plans to hand back more than $1 billion in federal funds earmarked for the East West Link, with Premier Daniel Andrews saying he was not interested in "silly games" over...

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Car parks cash in on Melbourne's free tram zone


Adam Carey, Transport Reporter Commercial car parking lots are cashing in on the free tram zone, lowering daily rates to lure more CBD workers to drive to the edge of the city then tram the last leg of the trip to work.

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Taxi satisfaction levels rise in Melbourne as industry lifts game

Flag up: Public satisfaction with Melbourne's taxis is at its highest since approval rates began to be measured.

Adam Carey Several hundred drivers have been stripped of their accreditation for failing the new Knowledge test.

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Metro station skipping in the spotlight as government releases figures

Check timetables for train services on Australia Day.

Adam Carey, Transport Reporter Figures on how many times Metro's trains skip stations will be published every month as the Andrews government seeks to put the heat on Melbourne's rail operator to cut out the infuriating practice.

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