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Tony Mokbel claimed he paid $50k to have Terence Hodson murdered, inquest told

Terence and Christine Hodson.

Adam Cooper Drug kingpin Tony Mokbel claimed he contributed $50,000 to have police informer Terence Hodson murdered, an inquest has heard.

Hitman claimed officer asked him to kill informer, court told

Adam Cooper Contract killer Rodney Collins✓ claimed he was approached by then detective Paul Dale✓ and asked if he would murder a police informer, an inquest has heard.

Former detective Murray Gregor warned Terrance Hodson to avoid isolated room

Supplied pic. 
Terence Hodson and Christine Hodson with their children Andrew, Nicole and Mandy.

Steve Butcher and Adam Cooper Murdered Crown witness Terence Hodson and his wife Christine would be "alive today" if he had followed police advice not to use the back room of their Kew house where they were shot, a former senior...

Triple murderer Gregory Brazel to stand trial on fraud charges

Adam Cooper Gregory Brazel committed to stand trial over allegations he defrauded two inmates of almost $50,000.

Ex-detective Paul Dale accused of threatening to kill informer Terence Hodson

Carl Williams

Adam Cooper Former detective Paul Dale told a police informer who was later murdered he would be shot if he ever betrayed the policeman, an inquest has been told.

More young men arrested over Deer Park death of Michael Sleiman


Rania Spooner and Adam Cooper Homicide detectives are questioning another two men over the death of Michael Sleiman who was found fatally wounded after his home was stormed on Australia Day. 

Inquest hears Roberta Williams defend 'loving, caring family man' Carl Williams

Carl Williams

Adam Cooper The ex-wife of slain underworld boss Carl Williams has launched a passionate defence of her former husband and denied saying she felt sorry for a former detective accused of murder.

Detective gave Carl Williams address of murdered couple, inquest told

Paul Dale

Adam Cooper and Steve Butcher A former detective provided underworld boss Carl Williams with the address of a police informer who was later murdered, an inquest has heard.

Three face court for Deer Park murder


Adam Cooper Three young men have appeared in court charged with murdering a man during a suspected home invasion in Deer Park.

Paul Dale, Rodney Collins excused from giving evidence at Hodson murder inquest

Terence and Christine Hodson.

Steve Butcher and Adam Cooper A former detective and a double murderer have been excused from giving evidence at the inquest into the ‘‘cold-blooded’’ execution murders of police informer Terence Hodson...

Triple murderer Gregory Brazel behind $50,000 killer con job, court told

Magistrates court

Adam Cooper Triple murderer Gregory Brazel conned a convicted killer and another prisoner out of a combined $50,000 while the three men were in jail, according to court documents.

Prison guard smuggled phones, fast food into jail, court told

Adam Cooper A prison guard smuggled mobile phones, fast food and other contraband into Victoria’s largest maximum security jail because he was manipulated by a group of ‘‘hardened’’...

Carl Williams 'offered extraordinary inducements' to give evidence on Hodson murders

Adam Cooper Underworld boss Carl Williams was offered inducements of an "extraordinary ilk" to make a statement implicating former detective Paul Dale and a convicted killer in the murders of a police informer...

Paul Dale, Rodney Collins tight-lipped at inquest into murders of Terence and Christine Hodson

Terence and Christine Hodson.

Adam Cooper Former detective Paul Dale and a convicted killer have taken the witness box at the inquest into the murders of Terence and Christine Hodson, but to tell a coroner they don't want to give...

Inquest to ask if police did enough to protect informer Terence Hodson and his wife

Adam Cooper An inquest into the murders of police informer Terence Hodson and his wife will examine whether police did enough to protect the couple.

Coroner rules out foul play in death of Barwon Prison boss David Prideaux

david prideaux

Adam Cooper A coroner has ruled out foul play in the case of missing prison boss David Prideaux, finding he died from either a medical problem or accident while deer hunting in the Victorian high...

Key questions not asked before police pursuit, rules Victorian Coroner

Adam Cooper Experienced policemen failed to ask themselves key safety questions before engaging in separate car pursuits that resulted in the deaths of two teenagers, a coroner has found.

Southern Stars teammates of accused match-fixers saw nothing suspicious, court told

Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Adam Cooper Teammates of two soccer players charged with match-fixing offences have insisted in court they didn't see or hear anything to think their club's games were being thrown in the...

Woman who took toddler has schizophrenia, court told

Federation Square.

Adam Cooper A teenager accused of trying to take a three-year-old child from her family would be vulnerable in custody and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, a court has heard.

Finnish pilot granted bail over cash stash

Security threats at Victoria's courts are soaring.

Adam Cooper A Finnish pilot arrested allegedly in possession of almost $900,000 in cash has been granted bail and can return to his homeland despite police concerns he might never return to Australia...