Chris Johnston

Chris Johnston

Chris Johnston is a Fairfax Media senior writer based at The Age in Melbourne.

Someone's listening – but is it legal?

Chris Johnston To tape or not to tape? When to tape, and how to 

Tape affair a recurring nightmare for politicians

Daniel Andrews fields media questions on the tapes affair last Monday.

Chris Johnston Once the domain of private detectives, dictaphones and recording devices are now much more widespread.

Bendigo woman behind anti-mosque Facebook page loses bid to stay anonymous

Police were called in to maintain order at the City of Greater Bendigo council meeting which saw locals vote against the approval of a mosque to be built in the town.

Chris Johnston A Bendigo businesswoman behind a vehement anti-mosque Facebook page has lost a tribunal bid to stay anonymous.

Anti-Islam lobby group funds mosque fight in Bendigo

Mike Holt

Chris Johnston A far-right, anti-Islam lobby group in Queensland has given up to $10,000 to opponents of the Bendigo mosque to help their campaign.

Bendigo mosque a cause celebre for right-wing outsiders

Chris Johnston The sinister black balloons started appearing in Bendigo in May. Then 10 days ago, a cluster of them were tied to the home and business of a local councillor who supports the building of a...

The Family's 'living god' fades to grey, estate remains

The Family.

Chris Johnston Although she can walk and talk, according to former cult members, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, Australia's most notorious cult leader, doesn't talk much.

The bush therapist

Michael Oates, Mental Health worker.

Chris Johnston It's a never-ending road for Michael Oates, helping the mentally ill.

Women should take note - the writing's on the wall

Artist Hazel Dooney in Royal Lane.

Chris Johnston The edgy artist Hazel Dooney says that although lord mayor Robert Doyle, who commissioned her to paint a laneway wall, was ''completely trusting'', some behind the scenes at the City of Melbourne...

Tributes flow as Chopper's dirty laundry gets a final airing


Chris Johnston 'Frankly,' said celebrant Nigel Davies in a quiet moment before Thursday's public memorial for celebrity criminal Mark 'Chopper' Read, 'we don't know what we are going to get. Anything could happen.

Mourners gather to farewell Mark Chopper Read

chopper funeral

Chris Johnston A surprisingly diverse and strongly devoted group of about 70 friends and acquaintances and fans and admirers paid their respects.

Friends and enemies, truth and lies

Elizabeth Coleman

Chris Johnston They have no churches or headquarters, no written policies or doctrines. But this secretive Victorian-based religious sect is again in the spotlight for sexually abusing its own child members.

Flying on a wing and a chair

Dave Jacka

Chris Johnston Dave Jacka's mantra: "You are only limited by what you think you can do".

Geelong roads deadliest in state

Balliang Geelong Road fatality.

Chris Johnston Yet as the area's road toll rises, so too does the political feuding over road funding.

No fries with that

No McDonalds in Tecoma.

Chris Johnston The battle to stop McDonald's opening an outlet in the Dandenongs may appear to be lost, but in Tecoma they're not giving up.

Letter claims 'evidence' of Gawler's fight with cancer

Ian Gawler

Chris Johnston Controversial cancer healer Ian Gawler, OAM, says he has proof of his cancer claims.

Alternative remedies for those with no alternative

Lierre Bayley

Chris Johnston Zeltner Hall is now the Austin's Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.

Cancer 'healer' Gawler's foundation in crisis

Ian Gawler.

Chris Johnston Controversial cancer healer Ian Gawler's Gawler Foundation is in crisis following a big drop in customers and forced sackings of staff.

Royals hide from public eye in fleeting visit

Britain's Prince Charles.

Chris Johnston When Prince Charles and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall get started in Melbourne on Tuesday morning they will be busy, busy, busy.


Bitter pills

'The traditional view of the drug addict is wrong.'

Chris Johnston An alarming rise in painkiller-related deaths is sparking calls for action.

'Enjoy the craic'- but tears intrude as Jill is laid to rest

Jill Meagher.

Chris Johnston Up on Blackhill Road in Gisborne South, where Irish-born Gillian ''Jill'' Meagher was found dead just over a week ago, the site of her shallow grave is now awash with flowers and mementoes.