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Wild Seaford brawl leaves a man in critical condition and 12 arrested

Deborah Gough Police have seized baseball bats, a samurai sword and a machete after a wild brawl at a seaside railway station that saw a man stabbed many times at the weekend.

More than 300 fires break out across the state as temperatures soar

Victoria is preparing for another hot summer this year.

Deborah Gough Residents faced a nervous night on Saturday as fires continued to rage across Victoria following a day of record-breaking heat.

Melbourne Christmas Day weather: Top of 31 degrees tipped, with chance of late rain

Reindeer may be faced with hot hooves on tin roofs as Christmas Eve provides a warm night, book-ended by two hot Melbourne days.

Deborah Gough Melbourne is expected to get the Christmas Day it puts on greeting cards this year - hot with strong chance of thongs.

Scorcher with a record hot night predicted

The beach will be the place to head this weekend - if not on Christmas Day.

Deborah Gough and Marissa Calligeros Airconditioning units are expected to blare through the night with 28 degrees the predicted low.

The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Why the M rating is confusing for parents

Deborah Gough A friend of mine who has teenage boys has always made a rule: until they had pubic hair, they couldn't watch an M movie. 

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When should you put up your Christmas tree?

When is the right time to put your Christmas tree?

Deborah Gough So today's the day everyone puts up their Christmas tree, right? December 1. It's tradition. It is bad luck on your house if your tree is already up.

Countdown to Flagstaff Station opening on weekends

Flagstaff station will open on weekends as of next year, but possibly earlier.

Deborah Gough and Goya Dmytryshchak Flagstaff railway station will be open on weekends at some time in the next 32 days.

Three hospitalised after fire engulfs Glenroy home

House fire in View Street, Glenroy.

Deborah Gough Two people have been treated for burns to their face at a house fire in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

Man chases down wife's stolen car, burglar crashes

Deborah Gough Burglar forced to flee on foot after collision ends bid to escape in stolen vehicle.

Teen and man make citizen's arrest in Geelong suburb

A man and a teenage neighbour conducted a citizen's arrest of a would-be burglar, holding him until police arrived.

Deborah Gough A man and a teenage boy performed a citizen's arrest, thwarting a burglary in a Geelong suburb.

Driver hits stroller as he ploughs through Coburg pedestrian mall

Sydney Road in Coburg.

Deborah Gough A driver has mowed through a pedestrian mall, knocking down all in his path, including a toddler's stroller, in an inner northern suburb.

Tag-team pickpockets woman in Fitzroy bar

Man police wish to speak to over a pickpocket incident in a Fitzroy bar.

Deborah Gough Pickpockets have targeted a Fitzroy bar patron, relieving her of her wallet from her handbag, and then using her credit card in the same bar.

Driver in lucky escape as truck bursts into flames on Princes Freeway

The burnt out B-double on the Princes Freeway near to Sneydes Road, Werribee South.

Deborah Gough A truck driver has had a lucky escape after he jumped from his truck just as it was about to burst into flames.

Travel warning raised for France and Belgium after terror attacks

French military and police patrol the Louvre in Paris, France as Australian authorities increase the travel warnings for France and Belgium.

Deborah Gough Australians travelling to France and Belgium have been told to exercise a "high degree of caution" with authorities upping the travel warning after the Paris terrorist attacks and Belgium...

Liquid thrown in weird attack on a schoolgirl in Heathcote as she rides home

Deborah Gough An elderly man chased a school girl as she rode home in a frightening pursuit down a street in a country town, north of Melbourne.

Police search for fisherman Ashley Gleeson, 26, who disappeared from Sugarloaf Reservoir

Sugarloaf Reservoir, where the fisherman went missing.

Deborah Gough Police are searching for a man who disappeared while on a fishing trip with a friend at a reservoir north-east of Melbourne.

Gold Coast man Brodie Wild in court over alleged gang rape of girl, 14

Police take Wild, left, from a plane which arrived at Melkbourne Airport from the Gold Coast on Sunday.

Adam Cooper, Marissa Calligeros and Deborah Gough A third man from the same family charged over the alleged gang rape of a 14-year-old girl in Geelong has appeared in court.

Queensland half-brother of rape-accused duo to face court over Geelong sex attack

Police take a man from a Plane which arrived from the Gold Coast. The man was arrested in relation to the rape of a 14 year old girl. 8th November 2015. Fairfaxmedia The Age  news Picture by Joe Armao

Marissa Calligeros, Deborah Gough Four men from the same family have been arrested over the alleged brutal gang rape of a 14-year-old girl in Geelong.

Police shut down Oakleigh East party, boy allegedly assaulted in the aftermath

Princes Highway Reserve, on Dandenong Road, Oakleigh East where a street party ended with three teenage boys in hospital.

Deborah Gough Three boys are in hospital after they were assaulted and robbed by other boys after police shut down a party in Melbourne's south-east in a reserve which is home to the Melbourne Stars Cricket...

Driver struck after getting out of car in middle of Western Ring Road: police

Deborah Gough Craigieburn man, 32, is in the Royal Melbourne Hospital with multiple and life-threatening injuries.