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Candidate Tex: saving the Palais one poll at a time

John Elder On Friday night, Tex Perkins played a gig in Castlemaine with his band the Dark Horses. On Sunday, he will announce he’s the dark-horse candidate in the Victorian election, in which he will be...

Safety care for local footballers off the pace

John Elder An investigation of insurance claims has found there were more than 26,700 injuries from community-level Australian football games in the last decade.

Aged care facilities nurturing superbugs

UnitingCare’s Newpin $7 million social benefit bond, the first in the NSW trial, recently passed its first 12-month hurdle delivering a return of 7.5 per cent for the year to investors.

John Elder Nursing home residents appear to be significant carriers of superbug infections into hospitals, potentially putting other patients at risk.

Crowdfunding bid to save Victorian orchids

Dr Noushka Reiter.

John Elder Over the past seven years, Noushka Reiter has brought 30 species of native orchid back from the brink of extinction.

Stem cell trial hope for osteoarthritis sufferers

John Elder Last Wednesday, Lisa Lark, 54, underwent liposuction - not to lose weight but so her body fat could be filtered for stem cells as part of a clinical trial to slow the progress of osteoarthritis.

Hey Joe, this isn't working

John Elder In the bakery, down from the pub, a woman makes a tomato and cheese sandwich and says she hasn't been sleeping. A man reading a newspaper doesn't look up but says: "Nobody is.

Making hay the old school way

Smith Family Chaff Mill

John Elder In the late 1960s, the three Smith brothers, Ballarat boys, had 300 tons of hay that nobody wanted. The produce stores were overrun with a glut of horse feed and the money wasn't good anyway.

Johan Jansen: The hunting game has already begun at Sentosa

Johan Jansen

John Elder At Sentosa, the pith helmet is taken out of Africa and transplanted to Gippsland.

Maryborough takes on domestic violence through special programs

John Elder If one of Garry Higgins' employees came to work with a black eye and no funny story to go with it, he wouldn't know what to say to her, or how to respond. ''But I want to learn,'' he says.

Frankston people divided on MP Geoff Shaw

Frankston State MP, Geoff Shaw

John Elder, Farrah Tomazin Excuse me, proud youth of this battling town, what do you think of Geoff Shaw?

The brutal price of domestic violence

Generic domestic violence

John Elder The system for dealing with domestic violence is in crisis.

Supanova: Come out, come out whoever you are

John Elder Geekville has its own theory of relativity. On Saturday, Matthew Chaloupka-Wagner, 24, was walking around dressed as a video game console made from a cardboard box - his version of a character called...

Cabbies on the road for an eternity to earn more cash

John Elder Cab driver Abinash began work at 4am Saturday. The shift ended at 4am Sunday.

Use of citizens a scientific breakthrough in data collection

John Elder On Thursday, David McCarthy led a group of birdwatchers on a survey of the old sewage ponds at the Western Treatment Plant near Werribee.

Grand prix: big noise, big action, everywhere

Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix Albert Park , Ferrari fans Michael Morello and Anthony Venuto
Photo Pat Scala The Age
Saturday the 15th of March 2014

John Elder Trying to pull a lawnmower out of my inner-ear, Saturday. At least in war there are long moments of quiet, and the tension of battle momentarily fades.

Besieged Morwell left blinking in dismay


John Elder Morwell can be pretty in the morning, when a mist comes off the wetlands on the outskirts of town.

Birds and bees --- and then just birds

John Elder I am in love with intoxication, an enthusiasm I have followed in a grand variety of ways, many of them stupid.

In love, sometimes the shoe just fits

John Elder Valerie Stow met her husband Barry 44 years ago. She tells the story. I was 24, a single mother with a daughter 3½ years old, and still waiting for a divorce.

More angel than Hells Angel in jet-ski furore

John Elder The devil comes in many forms, usually with a cheery smile. So it is at Half Moon Bay as a three-year-old girl rides off the bay and into the beach area ... on a jet-ski.

Super rich's peninsula playground mansions bought and sold invisibly

John Elder As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, the very rich are different from you and me. For one thing, they live in much bigger houses and so have less opportunity to get on one another's nerves.