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It's cool to be kind

John Elder A photo project is recording the kind things young people do for others.

Baby whisperer: Sleep consultant Jo Ryan helps infants and parents rest

John Elder Baby sleep consultants are doing a roaring trade both in person and online.

So this is Easter: Melbourne faces off at anti-Islam rally as police on horseback hold factions apart

Police stand guard at Federation Square as warring protest groups clash.

John Elder Hundreds of people  washed spit from their faces on Saturday evening after an ugly stand-off at Federation Square between supporters of Reclaim Australia, an anti-Islamic movement, and No Room...

The names of the worst litterers

A crushed soft drink can typical of litter thrown into the street.

John Elder The least environmentally conscious group in society appears to be from old-school Aussie stock, the Environment Protection Authority of Victoria says.

Sudden death of lawyer threatens to derail euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke's resurrection

Pro Euthanasia campaigner Mr Philip Nitchke.

John Elder Euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke's campaign to win back his registration to practise medicine is in disarray following the sudden death of his pro bono counsel and fellow activist Peter Nugent

Saddled with anxiety: how Horses for Hope is helping damaged equines and people heal one another

John Elder A therapy program to care for damaged horses – "equine assisted narrative practice" – benefits both animal and trainer.

Wetlands better than rainforests at storing carbon, say Deakin University scientists

John Elder Swamps could be 50 times more effective in battling climate change than rainforests, according to new modelling by Deakin University scientists.

When love game comes up shorts

John Elder Just as you marvel at those pioneer mountain climbers who traversed icy slopes in hobnail boots, you can't deny the eye-watering travails of the 1970s tennis star.

Rising world poker star says watch this ace at Aussie Millions

Professional poker player Jackie Glazier is competing in the Aussie Millions.

John Elder She started playing euchre and 500 with her nan and pop. They used to sneak her into the RSL when she was 14. She doesn't remember money being involved.

And the band plays on

John Elder In the Mallee, the days are most beautiful when they're just about to die. The colours are rich, the shadows are long and everything takes on the clarity of nostalgia as the sun lingers, reluctant to...

Experience guides Dimboola old-timers on fire watch


John Elder Residents of the north-western Victorian town of Dimboola drew on knowledge of past disasters in assessing the risk of local fires.

Victoria bushfires: Emergency warning at Hastings, Bittern and Crib Point

fire generic

Goya Dmytryshchak, John Elder, Timna Jacks and Chris Vedelago An emergency warning has been issued for a bushfire at Hastings, Bittern and Crib Point on the Mornington Peninsula.

What should Australia's New Year's resolution be?

Taking measure: Answers to our question were diverse – and yet, in different ways, expressed a similar theme.

John Elder If Australia were to make a resolution, what should it be? We took this question to people for nearly 900 kilometres along the Hume Highway.

Royal Society of Victoria bequest under fire

John Elder Fran Church didn't want any of her great aunt's money. She enjoyed her old-school company and later, when the aunt, Lynette Young, became frail and vulnerable, Church went to some length to protect...

Independent set to unseat Nationals in shock regional result

Indepedent candidate Suzanna Sheed.

Benjamin Millar and John Elder Independent candidate Suzanna Sheed was neck-and-neck on primary votes with Nationals candidate Greg Barr on Saturday night, saying she was excited at the prospect of taking the seat from the...

A sting in Royal Society of Victoria tale as bequests become contested

John Elder Royal Society of Victoria is under the spotlight as funds bequeathed for science have gone despite the donor's specific wishes. John Elder reports.

Victorian State Election 2014: Will coal power stations be forced out by the market?


Adam Morton and John Elder When energy demand is falling and rooftop solar panels are rising, an ageing coal-fired power plant is becoming harder to justify.

Candidate Tex: saving the Palais one poll at a time

John Elder On Friday night, Tex Perkins played a gig in Castlemaine with his band the Dark Horses. On Sunday, he will announce he’s the dark-horse candidate in the Victorian election, in which he will be...

Safety care for local footballers off the pace

John Elder An investigation of insurance claims has found there were more than 26,700 injuries from community-level Australian football games in the last decade.

Aged care facilities nurturing superbugs

UnitingCare’s Newpin $7 million social benefit bond, the first in the NSW trial, recently passed its first 12-month hurdle delivering a return of 7.5 per cent for the year to investors.

John Elder Nursing home residents appear to be significant carriers of superbug infections into hospitals, potentially putting other patients at risk.