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Josh Gordon is The Age's state political editor. After a brief period in the Sydney banking world and the federal bureaucracy, Josh spent six years working as The Age's economics correspondent at Parliament House in Canberra. After cutting himself adrift to travel the world, he was lured back to reporting early in 2007. Most recently he has worked as The Sunday Age's politcal editor, based in Canberra, and The Age's state economics correspondent in Melbourne.

VicForests given control of commercial logging before state election campaign


Josh Gordon, State Political Editor The Napthine government quietly handed control of Victoria’s western forests to the state’s commercial logging business in one of its final acts before the election campaign.

Victorian election 2014: state's economy slipping, official figures reveal

'To create wealth and build an economy something needs to be created.'

Peter Martin, Josh Gordon Victoria has the worst performing state economy on the east coast apart from Tasmania's, new figures reveal.

Victorian election 2014: Economic clouds loom with the economy growing by 1.7 per cent in the past financial year

Josh Gordon, State Political Editor The state economy grew by 1.7 per cent in the past financial year, half the annual average for the past decade, and the growth per person is going backwards.

Victorian election 2014: leaders debate fails to draw clear winner

The premier, compere David Speers, and the opposition leader.

Josh Gordon and Richard Willingham Denis Napthine and Daniel Andrews have been grilled on legalising marijuana, the East West Link and credibility in a lacklustre town hall debate from which a clear winner did not emerge.

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Victorian state election 2014: Denis Napthine v Daniel Andrews

Denis Napthine and Daniel Andrews

Richard Willingham and Josh Gordon Live coverage of the leaders debate.

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No state Treasury input in Napthine jobs plan ahead of Victorian election

Dennis Napthine: Figures came from his department.

Josh Gordon, State Political Editor A Napthine Government plan to create 200,000 jobs over five years – touted as the most comprehensive employment blueprint in Victoria’s history – does not appear to have involved...

Victoria heading for upper house chaos following minor party preference deals ahead of the State election


Josh Gordon A complex web of preference deals between minor parties working in together to pool their votes means Victoria could be heading for chaos in the upper house.

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Victorian state election: Coalition ramps up attack on Labor's financial credibility

Treasurer Michael O'Brien.

Josh Gordon The Coalition has ramped up its attack on Labor over financial credibility, accusing it of failing to account for $32 billion worth of spending promises.

Victorian election: Poll shows Napthine government remains in losing position

Denis Napthine, whose party is trailing in the latest poll ahead of the state election.

Josh Gordon, State Political Editor The Napthine Government remains mired in a losing position, despite six out of 10 voters backing its signature East West Link.

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Coalition hopes figures don’t tell the true story

Josh Gordon dinkus

Josh Gordon It's pretty clear a political party is in strife when it starts blaming the media to explain its troubles and resorting to complex psephology for reassurance.

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Victorian state election: Tony Abbott continues to hamper Napthine government's re-election bid

Premier Denis Napthine. left, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott last month. The PM continues to be a drag on the state Coalition's vote before the November 29 poll.

Josh Gordon The Abbott government continues to hamper the Napthine’s government’s re-election bid

Budget position strong ahead of the state election

Denis Napthine.

Josh Gordon, Tom Cowie Victoria's budget position has worsened by $1.8 billion since the May budget after a pre-election spending splurge, lower than anticipated tax revenues and delayed federal payments for the second...

Victoria's budget position revised down almost $2 billion ahead of state election

Victoria's budget position has been revised down.

Josh Gordon Victoria’s budget position has been revised down by almost $2 billion since the May budget, thanks to a pre-election spending splurge, lower than anticipated tax revenues and delayed federal...

Universities' analysis shows East West link bill to reach $17.8 billion

An artist's impression of Melbourne's East West Link.

Royce Millar, Ben Schneiders and Josh Gordon The Coalition's signature infrastructure project will be a drain on the public purse until the mid-2040s, an analysis shows.

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Victoria state election: East West Link's true cost $17.8 billion

Josh Gordon Last month Denis Napthine claimed the cost to Victorian taxpayers to build the eastern half of the East West Link was "only" $2 billion.

Victorian state election: Coalition pitches for a second chance

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine, who faces the polls next month.

Josh Gordon, state political editor The real contest for the government will be convincing a sufficient number of swinging voters that its promises are to be believed.

Victorian state election: Napthine's health pitch intensifies

Health pitch: Denis Napthine has announced several proposed health initiatives.

Josh Gordon, Adam Carey and Julia Medew Denis Napthine has racheted up the Coalition's health pitch by promising a $98 million expansion of the Northern Hospital in Epping and more neonatal intensive care services for seriously ill babies.

Victorian State Election 2014: Nationals Paul Weller in line for $70,000 just for showing up

ballot box

Josh Gordon, State Political Editor Retiring Nationals MP Paul Weller stands to gain more than $70,000 from the taxpayer by contesting a virtually unwinnable upper house seat in the state election.

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Victorian state election: Jobless rate at 13-year high as poll looms

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Peter Martin, Josh Gordon The Napthine government will go to the election with Victoria’s unemployment rate stuck at the highest level for 13 years.

Victorian election 2014: Casino mogul James Packer has hit back at suggestion from Lloyd Williams that he is going to “kick every goal he can” for Labor at the Victorian election

James Packer

Josh Gordon James Packer has hit back at suggestions he is going to “kick every goal he can” for Labor at this year’s election

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