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Judge rejects Sudanese man's claim he mistakenly pleaded guilty to murder

Mark Russell A Supreme Court judge has rejected claims by a Sudanese man that he had mistakenly pleaded guilty to murdering his former partner because he suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome.

'Jazzy O' stripper killer fails in bid for freedom


Mark Russell The man who strangled Melbourne's most famous stripper and prostitute Johanna "Jazzy O" Martin has lost his last-ditch bid for freedom.

Woman sexually abused boy for more than two years before falling pregnant to him, court hears

County Court

Mark Russell A mother of three was sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy for more than two years before she fell pregnant to him, a court has heard.

Man killed by his second wife over group sex demands


Mark Russell The family of David Creamer who was killed by his second wife after he demanded she take part in group sex are seeking compensation for pain and suffering.

Former lottery winner admits bashing nursing home resident who later died

David Rose outside the Supreme Court.

Mark Russell A former lottery winner has admitted attacking another nursing home resident who had wandered into his room and later died from a brain injury.

Husband loses appeal against sentence after burning down home wife and baby were living in

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Mark Russell A woman and her five-month-old baby daughter had a lucky escape when her estranged husband burned down the house they were living in, after threatening to kill them.

Former Yooralla manager jailed for sexual abuse of autistic woman

Former Yooralla manager Timothy Hampson.

Mark Russell A manager at Victoria's biggest disability services provider Yooralla has been jailed for four years after he was caught by a hidden camera preying on a vulnerable cognitively impaired woman in his...

Man jailed for killing his defacto partner's three-year-old son in Glenroy

Mark Russell A man who killed his defacto partner's three-year-old son in a fit of anger when disciplining the boy has been jailed for nine years and six months.

Geologist's bid for freedom struck down after he fails to commit the perfect murder

Robert Meade arrives at court.

Mark Russell A geologist who claimed to be an international spy has failed in his plan to commit the perfect murder.

Man who murdered and mutilated wife jailed for 21 years


Mark Russell A man who stabbed his dead estranged wife's eyes after he had murdered her as their four children slept nearby has been jailed for 21 years.

Robyn Lindholm 'femme fatale' pair guilty of murdering Hawthorn gym owner Wayne Amey


Mark Russell Two men under the spell of 'femme fatale' stripper Robyn Lindholm have been found guilty of murdering her former lover on her orders.

The 'femme fatale' stripper with a dark, murderous past

'Puppet mistress': Robyn Lindholm is guilty of murdering one ex-lover, prime suspect in the disappearance of another.

Mark Russell Robyn Lindholm - the former girlfriend of murdered underworld figure Alphonse Gangitano - has been painted as a "femme fatale" who used sex to seduce men to do whatever she desired.

Two fail over sentence appeal in robbery case

Mark Russell For an ice addict bricklayer, robbing his local pub was the only way he could think of to pay off more than $5300 he owed in rent.

Prosecutor appeals Alfio Granata sentence in Preston hotel room sex-slave case

Police have charged a Canning Vale man over an alleged rape back in 2007

Adam Cooper and Mark Russell Prosecutors appeal against the jail term given to a man who repeatedly raped, bashed and degraded a backpacker over six weeks in a Melbourne hotel room.

Jill Meagher killer Adrian Bayley set to appeal two rape convictions, sentence

Adrian Earnest Bayley outside Melbourne Supreme Court in June 2013.

Mark Russell Adrian Bayley, who raped and murdered Jill Meagher, is expected to appeal his convictions and sentence for raping three women before he attacked the ABC staffer in 2012.

Kill accused was not 'under femme fatale spell,' court told

'There is this consistent theme ... that Robyn Lindholm (above) is asking her boyfriends to kill Wayne Amey,' the court heard.

Mark Russell A man accused of murdering a Hawthorn gym owner for "femme fatale" Robyn Lindholm claimed he had no reason to kill for her because he was not under her spell, a court has heard.

Deaf woman accused of murder wants to go home to her family


Mark Russell A profoundly deaf woman accused of helping to push a deaf man off a balcony to his death has been granted bail.

Accused killer was in love with 'femme fatale', court hears

The court heard that Robyn Lindholm saw herself as a femme fatale who could achieve whatever she wanted through her boyfriends.

Mark Russell One of two men accused of murdering a Hawthorn gym owner for 'femme fatale' Robyn Lindholm had written love letters to her after his arrest but she had not replied, a court has heard.

Woman died after gun was fired at her temple by abusive boyfriend, court hears

Nelson Lai was found guilty of manslaughter after Rekiah O'Donnell was shot dead.

Mark Russell Rekiah O'Donnell died from a single bullet wound fired directly at her temple by her abusive boyfriend and the odds of it happening by chance were "astronomical", a court has heard.