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Check your second-round offers

If you missed out in the first round of offers in January, or if you are hoping for a course higher on your preference list, or if you have been approved for a negotiated offer, today is the day to check the second-round offers being made by participating institutions.

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You are eligible to receive an offer in this round:

  • if you have not yet received an offer;
  • for courses higher on your list of preferences than the one offered to you in round one;
  • if you submitted an application and were granted a negotiated offer by an institution.

This supplement lists domestic applicants who have been made an offer to undergraduate courses through VTAC in February 2013 (including applicants who have received a negotiated offer) and have given VTAC permission to have their names published.

Applicants receiving an offer are listed in alphabetical order by surname, followed by their initials, postcode and the VTAC code of the course making the offer. Applicants with identical names must check their postcode carefully. No postcodes are shown for applicants with an overseas address.


The process for accepting, rejecting or deferring your round two offer is the same as the process for round one.

If you did not receive an offer in round one, refer to the offers FAQ page on the VTAC website or VTAC's Facebook page for further information on how to accept, reject or defer your round two offer.

Round two offers were released today at 2pm to applicants through their VTAC user account at Accepting an offer is completed by officially enrolling in the course. Enrolment instructions are included in your offer message through your VTAC user account at Go to the "course application" tab to check your offer status. Offer letters are sent to all successful VTAC applicants and should begin arriving on Thursday, February 7.

Not attending the enrolment day indicates to the institution that you do not wish to accept the offer. If you wish to defer the offer, contact the institution to find out if the course offers deferment and what their procedure is.

If you have already accepted an offer in an earlier round and wish to accept a round two offer instead, you must first enrol in the course offered to you in the second round. You must then contact the course you accepted in the first round and advise them of your intention to withdraw your enrolment. Depending on the institution, most if not all of your enrolment fee will be refunded.

For further information, refer to the ABC of Offers at or VTAC's Facebook page


Supplementary offers

VTAC runs a supplementary offer process after Round 2, which is available to applicants who:

  • have not received an offer in any of the previous offer rounds (Early [November 2012], Round 1, Round 2, 2013);
  • have not been granted a negotiated offer and;
  • have given VTAC permission to release their application to all courses with vacancies.
  • if you want to be considered for all other supplementary offers you must select 'Yes' before 9am Monday, February 11, 2013.

You can check your participation permissions status in your VTAC user account.

After course selection authorities have considered your application, they will advise VTAC whether they wish to offer you a place in a course. Supplementary offers will be processed weekly during February. VTAC will advise you if you receive supplementary offers via your VTAC user account as well as sending you an offer letter by mail.

You may receive more than one supplementary offer, and from courses that are not on your list of preferences. You will need to choose which offer to accept – you should not accept more than one offer. To accept an offer you must follow the instructions in your offer message.

Irrespective of whether or not you have accepted, declined or deferred an offer, if you have received an offer in any of the previous rounds you will not be eligible for a supplementary offer.


There is an opportunity to apply to VTAC for mid-year entry into courses. Several courses will have places available for entry in the second semester. Applications are open between April and June. An online supplement will be available in April at listing the courses available and their requirements.


If you decide to return to school, it is important to discuss additional VCE studies with a VCE co-ordinator or careers practitioner. Also check the 2014 Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements booklet (VICTER 2014) at in order to ensure that you select the correct prerequisite studies for the tertiary course(s) you intend applying for next year.

Other options available may be to combine study and work experience (paid and voluntary), to study a short course at TAFE or to enter the full-time job market.

Finally, when seeking advice from institutional representatives, always remember to note the name of the person you spoke to. It is also a good idea to request information in writing so that there can be no misunderstandings. Good luck!