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Children sexually abused at Eureka Stockade Pool in Ballarat in 1970s: police

A swimming pool in Ballarat is at the centre of an investigation into allegations of historic sexual abuse against boys as young as eight.

Police have made a public appeal for information about sexual crimes at the Eureka Stockade Pool in Ballarat East committed in the late 1970s. 

The victims were boys aged eight years old at the time of the alleged incidents, which occurred from 1977 to 1980.

Police want to speak to victims who have not yet to come forward or anybody with any information relating to sexual assaults at the pool between those years. 

"Victoria Police encourages all victims of sexual assault and child abuse, and anyone who has knowledge of such a crime, to make a report," police spokeswoman Kelly Grindley said in a statement.

"Victoria Police is committed to investigating and bringing to justice those people who prey on children no matter how many years have passed." 

Anyone with information about sexual assaults of children at the Eureka Stockade Pool during this time period is urged to contact police on 1800 110 007.