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Ken Smith arrives for parliamentary showdown

Victoria's Speaker has little to say as he arrives early for what could be his last day in office, but the Premier and Opposition leader are more forthcoming.

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The state government is controversially considering whether it will continue to grant a pair for a Labor MP who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

Up until now, Northcote MP Fiona Richardson had been granted a pair while she was treated for breast cancer.

Government whip Bill Tilley emerged from the party room shortly before 11.30am on Tuesday and said "negotiations were continuing" in regards to Ms Richardson.

Pairs are granted to cancel out a vote when an MP is unable to attend parliament because they are unwell, or have important personal commitments.

If Ms Richardson is not granted a pair, the government will find it easier to pass legislation and control a previously deadlocked parliament that hangs in the hands of controversial Frankston MP Geoff Shaw.

Parliament is set to resume at 2pm on Tuesday after a two-week suspension.

When in Opposition, the federal Coalition came under fire for refusing to grant Labor MP Michelle Rowland a pair to be with her sick child.

The then Opposition eventually backflipped on its decision after it triggered outrage, and granted Ms Rowland a pair.