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Hot-air balloon lands in St Kilda Botanical Gardens

A hot-air balloon ride over Melbourne  made an unexpected stop in St Kilda, startling nearby residents.

The balloon was seen flying low over homes in the inner city on Tuesday morning before it slowly made a controlled landing near St Kilda Junction.

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Hot-air balloon makes unexpected landing

Sudden change in wind forces a hot-air balloon pilot to land in St Kilda Botanical Gardens on Tuesday morning.

A total of 10 passengers jumped off at the site before the balloon was sent up into the sky again and landed in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens a few minutes later with only the pilots onboard. 

Television footage of the incident showed the two pilots in the balloon basket when it landed for a second time, with several crew assisting in deflating the balloon as children watched from inside the park.

Nick Brau, chief pilot for the company involved, Global Ballooning Australia, said it was a precautionary landing, not an emergency.

The balloon, one of four sent up that morning, could no longer make a planned landing site in Albert Park due to a change in wind conditions, he said.


"For us, it's quite a standard manoeuvre we do in light winds, but it becomes a big issue in the media because lots of people see the balloons," he said.

"It happens more often in the summer than the winter because we fly more balloons, more often, and with the warm weather the wind can get a bit more unstable or unpredictable."

He said such an incident can happen a handful of times a year.

No one was injured.