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Independent MP Geoff Shaw's apology to Parliament

I humbly and sincerely apologise to the house and the people of Victoria for my breach of the code of conduct for members as set out in section 3 of the Members of Parliament (Register of Interests) Act 1978.

I also apologise for breaching what the privileges committee said specifically is section 3.1a, which states members shall accept that their primary responsibility is to the performance of their public duty and therefore ensure that this aim is not endangered or subordinated by involvement in conflicting private interests and to ensure that their conduct as members must not be such as to bring discredit upon the Parliament.

I accept and have always stated throughout the various investigations including a thorough and rigorous investigation by the department of public prosecution, which found no wrongful action, that the buck stops with me and I have taken full responsibility.

I have always sought a conclusion to this matter and I genuinely apologise if my actions to date did not demonstrate such as a commitment.

We are all elected to represent the best interests of our community and that has always been my sincere intention in Frankston. I understand that this matter has been a distraction, for which I am sincerely sorry.