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Ivanhoe man caught drink-driving more than double the legal limit

A 21-year-old ute driver was off to a bad start on New Year's Day after being caught drunk-driving while more than double the legal limit on the Chandler Highway.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Leonie Johnson said the man was apprehended when State Highway Patrol North conducted breath testing at a site on the highway between 5.30am to 10.30am on January 1.

"The ... driver blew 0.119 during a random breath test," Ms Johnson said.

"The Ivanhoe man is expected to be charged on summons with drink-driving and driving while on a disqualified probationary licence."

She said a 46-year-old Watsonia woman was also caught driving while suspended.

"A 31-year-old Kew man will face a string of charges after allegedly refusing to undertake an evidentiary breath test, refusing to undertake an oral fluid drug test and driving on a disqualified probationary licence," Ms Johnson said. 

"The trio had their vehicles impounded for 30 days at the cost of more than $800." 

The operation was part of Victoria Police Roadwise enforcement campaign.

Ms Johnson said since the launch of Operation Roadwise on December 13, more than 20,000 traffic offences were detected across the state. 

"This includes more than 1100 drunk and drug drivers," she said.

Police are asking everyone to be smart on the roads, by slowing down, not drinking or taking drugs, turning off their mobile phones, using their seatbelts and taking regular breaks. 

Operation Roadwise will run until January 3.