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Labor set to block motion to expel Geoff Shaw

Labor will vote against expelling embattled independent MP Geoff Shaw, saying it would not be involved in a cheap political stunt.

As reported by The Age, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has confirmed that it will not back Premier Denis Napthine's motion to expel Mr Shaw from Parliament.

The decision will save Mr Shaw's parliamentary career and create a fresh headache for the Coalition and Premier Denis Napthine.

In June, Mr Andrews moved that Mr Shaw be expelled for misuse of his car but the government blocked that motion and suspended Mr Shaw from Parliament for three months instead.

Mr Andrews said Labor had accepted that decision. He then tried to reframe the debate by saying his party was focused on jobs and education.


The Premier has moved a motion to expel Mr Shaw because comments made to the media following his apology to Parliament on Tuesday were "inappropriate".

Mr Shaw hit back at the Premier on Wednesday afternoon, releasing a statement that condemned Mr Napthine for stifling free speech and focusing on him rather than issues affecting Victorians.

"I joined the Liberal Party for a number of reasons. One of these being freedom of speech." Mr Shaw said.

"I left the Liberal Party because their current leaders stifle freedom of speech. Now it looks like I am being punished because of a conversation I had with a journalist."

He attacked the Premier for focusing on him rather than "the real concerns of Victorians," including youth unemployment and respect for paramedics.

"I have met the all the motion's requirements and yet, because I question the Premier's pet $8 billion project and management and leadership style, he has taken it upon himself to rewrite the verdict of three investigations and the Victorian Parliament.

"The Premier is relentlessly continuing his personal agenda to the detriment of the state he is supposed to be running," Mr Shaw said.

On Tuesday, Parliament appeared to accept Mr Shaw's apology, that complied with a June motion against him.

But on Wednesday, Dr Napthine claimed Mr Shaw had failed to comply after he told a newspaper that the process was a "political farce".