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Lollipop lady 'witnessed husband die in Oakleigh crash'

Severely injured when a motorist hit her at a school crossing, "lollipop lady" Susan Parsons hadn't been back on her feet long when another tragedy befell her.

A grandmother who has worked as a crossing supervisor for more than 10 years, Ms Parsons, 62, suffered a broken pelvis, broken ribs and tissue damage on May 10, 2012, after she was hit by a driver who had been answering a text message on his phone at the time.

Ms Parsons, who spent four days in hospital and 11 days in rehabilitation before returning to duties four months later, said she walked with a limp and faced more physiotherapy in January.

"It's not an easy job," she said, "but, gee, from the first day I loved it."

Yet, in a tragic turn of events, it is that limp that may have saved her life as she walked behind her husband, Anthony Parsons, who was the pedestrian killed in an horrific crash in Oakleigh on Sunday night. Two other people in a car were also killed.


In an interview with 3AW producer Michael Hilder, Ms Parsons said she was "absolutely devastated", and did not yet wish to speak publicly about her husband's death.

Mr Hilder said Ms Parsons used colourful language to describe the driver of the car and the incident.

"She is just trying to get her head around it."

"She actually had the head space and the empathy to ask about the other victims."

Ms Parsons told Fairfax Media last year that her job was not easy "because you take your life into your hands every time you cross the road".

On Monday night, Nei Lima DaCosta, 29, of Richmond, was charged with three counts of culpable driving, three counts of negligently causing serious injury and one count of reckless conduct endangering life.

He was remanded in custody and is expected to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

George Christodoulou, a relative of the couple killed, said his family was enduring a difficult time.

"We've got two people in hospital in a serious condition, one was quite critical. We've been updated that they're now stable," Mr Christodoulou said.

"Hopefully everything goes well. Our thoughts and prayers are with the immediate family.

"We are definitely sticking together. We are happy with the charges that have been laid and we'reĀ  hoping the system prevails and we get a good outcome."