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Melbourne Express: May 21, 2014

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Several trucks are stranded on the Monash, unable to turn around or back up. Here's a photo closer to the scene of the rogue truck, courtesy Mick Pope. 

Photo from Mike Pope @Mickypope
Photo from Mike Pope @Mickypope 

Updating the bus crash in Northcote, the children have been freed after the mini bus rolled after striking a car at the intersection of Kellett and Wilmoth streets. The boys were from St Paul's College in Kew, a specialist school that caters to children with learning disabilities and for children with complex medical needs.


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An ambulance spokesperson told reporter Caroline Zielinski the two primary school children were trapped inside the minibus until MFB crews and paramedics got them out. They have since been treated by paramedics and taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital. The mini bus was carrying three adults and the two boys at the time of the crash.

The school bus that rolled in Northcote has been confirmed as belonging to St Paul's College in Kew. School spokesperson Rebecca Ryan tells us the principal is on the way to the scene and said the parents of the children involved have been alerted. Ms Ryan said she was unable to confirm more details at this stage but said it was her understanding that there were two school children on the bus when it rolled but as far as she knew they had not been injured. We'll have more shortly.

Updating the bus rollover that trapped children inside, in Kellett Street, Northcote - a Channel Nine helicopter pilot told radio station 3AW that at least one child was trapped inside the minibus, which had rolled. “Some rescue guys have just turned up, and one is cutting a windscreen as we speak,” he said. “There is definitely a paramedic in the van rolled over attending to at least one child still in there.”

At least one child is trapped and two children have been injured in a minibus and car collision in Northcote, reports Caroline Zielinski. Ambulance Victoria spokesman Paul Bentley said paramedics were called to Kellett Street, Northcote, about 8.30am after a car hit the mini bus. Mr Bentley said six people are currently being assessed - four from the minibus and two from the car. Two children have received minor injuries. We've heard from 3AW that the mini bus is from St Paul's College but we have yet to confirm that.

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Emergency services at the scene of the mini bus rollover in Northcote, where several children have been trapped with two believed injured. More details shortly.

A number of children have been trapped in a a mini bus when it overturned in Kellett Street, Northcote earlier this morning. Two children are believed injured and a number of others are trapped inside.

A unique Melbourne Football Club jumper, as worn in the 1900 grand final by Austin ''Goosey’' Lewis, is the highlight of an auction of sporting memorabilia today. 

Melbourne Football Club team photo, 1900. A Demons jumper,  worn in the 1900 Grand Final by Austin '‘Goosey’' Lewis, is ...
Melbourne Football Club team photo, 1900. A Demons jumper, worn in the 1900 Grand Final by Austin '‘Goosey’' Lewis, is expected to fetch more than $10,000 at auction.  Photo: Melbourne Cricket Club.

Updating the headlines and students are preparing for a nationwide day of protests against the Budget, a US TV star has been arrested after allegedly shooting his wife dead, there's a surprising finding on post-natal depressionIn other headlines, an Australian woman has told how Rolf Harris sexually abused her when she was 15consumer confidence is plummeting in the wake of the Budget, the Balkan floods have now affected 1.6 million people and Mick Jagger has become a great-grandfather.

The jaffle (also known as a toastie, or a toasted sandwich whose edges have been miraculously sealed to prevent spillage of scalding hot contents) has returned. Here's 10 of Melbourne's best...

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There's been a three-car crash on the Eastern Freeway INBOUND near Chandler Highway, take care if you're passing through.

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Delays at Flagstaff Station now for passengers trying to get out - with barriers not working inspectors are checking myki cards manually....

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"A night of booing on an industrial scale." Greg Baum writes on the Essendon fans' boo-a-thon last week at Etihad. "They booed Dan Hannabery. They booed Adam Goodes. They booed the umpires. Some of them continued to boo umpire Troy Parnell when he was out cold, on a stretcher, being wheeled from the ground." 

Bomber fans.
Bomber fans. Photo: Pat Scala PDS

"It's a schemozzle." Public transport blogger Daniel Bowen chronicles a train commute home that went wrong ...again. And he gives some suggestions to Metro on how they could improve the service, starting with better management of driver training. It's a very micro post, but it's something many of us can relate to, have a read here...

"By Parliament the train is packed." Photo courtesy Daniel Bowen.
"By Parliament the train is packed." Photo courtesy Daniel Bowen. 

Today's top world images, chosen by Age photo editor Simon O'Dwyer.

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Tony Abbott has cancelled his visit to Deakin University in Geelong today but protesters are still out in force waiting for Premier Denis Napthine in Waurn Ponds...

Making headlines around the world, the Spiegel reports on the court ruling against Google; the Guardian leads with Aleppo’s most wanted man; the New York Times reports on a court overturning a ban on same-sex marriage; Singapore’s Straits Times leads with the declaration of martial law in Thailand; the Japan Times reports on a “psychopath” who sent violent threats from other people’s computers; and the Daily Mail leads with Prince Charles comparing Vladimir Putin to Hitler.

The Spiegel leads with the privacy decision against Google in Europe.
The Spiegel leads with the privacy decision against Google in Europe. Photo: Bloomberg

The week in football ... through the eyes of our photographers.

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The 8:53 from Lilydale to Flinders Street has been cancelled due to driver training... 

Metro's driver training continues ...
Metro's driver training continues ... 
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A partly cloudy and otherwise unremarkable day ahead - but if it hits 21 degrees today as forecast, it will be a record for the longest stretch of May days over 20 degrees.

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