Melbourne's busy Punt Road to become a clearway

Traffic snarls on one of Melbourne's busiest roads will be eased under a state government plan to end on-street parking on the thoroughfare.

More than 40,000 vehicles travel along Punt Road, Melbourne's major north to south corridor, everyday, with on-street parking clogging the street, resulting in traffic jams for drivers.

Speaking at Punt Road on Sunday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Roads Minister Luke Donnellan announced Labor's plan to scrap on-road parking on Punt Road between the Yarra River and St Kilda junction.

"There are a number of clearways which operate on the morning and afternoons peaks at the moment, and this in effect extends that," Mr Andrews told reporters.

The government aims to have the clearways in place by the middle of the year.

As Punt Road provides access to one on Melbourne's biggest hospitals, The Alfred, and a host of medical and research centres, Mr Andrews said the government planned to convert off-road sites owned by VicRoads into alternate parking spots for locals, their guests and traders.


"There are a number of sites that VicRoads owns, and work has already commenced in choosing the best of those to provide free off-street parking as an alternative to the terribly disruptive and potentially dangerous on-street parking," Mr Andrews said.

Mr Donnellan and the premier said that during the six-month consultation period, residents were door-knocked and traders consulted about how to improve Punt Road.

All agreed that something must be done.

"On the weekend like today, you can have one or two cars parked and it cuts at least 50 per cent of the capacity of this corridor," Mr Donnellan said.

"This [plan] will substantially move things along, especially on weekends."

VicRoads will undertake a formal 60-day consultation with local residents and businesses, until April 10.

The government is also considering medium and long-term options to ease congestion in the area, and will investigate recommendations outlined by the Public Acquisition Overlay Independent Committee later this year.