When Rachel Buchanan started researching Melbourne's newspaper history, she was astonished by the richness of the landscape: in the CBD alone, since 1838, she has counted 525 papers, at least 75 of which were in foreign languages.

Celebrating them, she has produced her own one-off newspaper and will revive the cries of the streetside seller.

Paperboys - a workforce that included older men and the occasional girl - peppered the footpaths outside Flinders Street and Spencer Street (now Southern Cross) stations, for decades before the age of home delivery and, eventually, the internet. Buchanan is revisiting those clarion calls to hand out The Melbourne Sirius newspaper, 1000 copies of which have been printed.

The project is the result of a creative fellowship the author of Stop Press, former Age journalist and academic is doing at the State Library of Victoria. Printed with assistance from graphic artist/typographer Stephen Banham, the Sirius lists all Melbourne CBD newspapers, has pictures of many mastheads and footnotes explaining interesting facts about the city's extraordinary newspaper publishing history.

The Melbourne Sirius will be handed out at various newspaper buildings, past and present, tomorrow from 11am to 5.30pm, including at Media House, home of The Age and The Sunday Age, from 4.30pm