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Police search for estate agent Andrew Bennison, missing for a month

An inner-suburbs real estate agent is being sought by authorities after vanishing under mysterious circumstances more than a month ago.

Andrew Bennison, director of Bennison Parker, abandoned his East Brunswick business in April, leaving behind an empty shopfront, disgruntled clients, and a trail of debt.

Consumer Affairs Victoria is seeking information on the whereabouts of the 31-year-old after several complaints about his agency.

A source told The Sunday Age that Victoria Police visited the shopfront about a fortnight ago after receiving a call from a concerned relative, who said Mr Bennison could not be contacted.

The named partner in Bennison Parker is Jacqueline Parker, wife of businessman John Khoury. Mr Khoury, a business associate of underworld figure Mick Gatto, said his wife had no active role in the agency.

''We invested with a real estate agent and gave him an opportunity. It was a one-man show,'' he said. ''She resigned as a director months ago. Business wasn't going well for him. He's gone missing. He hasn't been contacting anyone.''


Mr Bennison's clients include alleged Mokbel money launderers Tom Karas and Irene Meletsis, who own several rental properties in the Fitzroy area.

One of Mr Bennison's last actions before vanishing appears to have been to list his parents' home in Macleod for sale.

His family did not respond to a request for comment.

Consumer Affairs director Claire Noone declined to comment on whether Mr Bennison was being investigated for misconduct.

''Consumers who have been affected should immediately contact Consumer Affairs Victoria,'' Dr Noone said.

Victoria Police said no missing persons report had been filed.