Robert Arthur Meade arrives at Supreme Court on Thursday.

Robert Arthur Meade arrives at Supreme Court ahead of an earlier hearing. Photo: Penny Stephens

A geologist who thought he got away with the perfect murder of his former wife has been jailed for 23 years.

Supreme Court Justice Mark Weinberg told Robert Meade that he was plainly an intelligent man who could have had a happy and rewarding life but instead, because of "your own selfishness, egotism and controlling nature, you have destroyed the lives of many of those around you".

Justice Weinberg said he was satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the murder of Sally Brooks was a planned killing by a man motivated by pure hatred.

Sally Brooks

Sally Brooks

Meade, 52, claimed to be international spy and once told a friend he had rescued former United States president Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea from kidnappers.

He maintains his innocence despite a jury finding him guilty of murder.

The Crown had claimed during Meade's five-week trial that he was driven by a bitterness over his former wife's decision to move to Britain with their three children when he attacked her in the laundry of her Donvale home.

Ms Brooks, 48, suffered massive head injuries when she was hit at least twice with a blunt instrument on July 1, 2011. She never regained consciousness and died 10 days later in hospital.

Meade travelled from his new home in Adelaide to Melbourne before breaking into the Donvale house and lying in wait for Sally, knowing that July 1 was the last day he could kill her, because their children – now aged 13, 11, and nine – were at school for the last time before holidays. They would fly to Britain the next week.

Meade had settled in Adelaide with a new wife before driving across Victoria about three weeks before Ms Brooks was killed as part of a 'dry run' to practise the route he would take.

Justice Weinberg said there was ample evidence to show that Meade had become very emotional about the prospect of his children relocating to the United Kingdom and that he was "resentful, bitter and angry at your former wife's decision to take them out of this country".

"Your anger was palpable. It reached the point of pure hatred," the judge said.

"There was only one explanation for your conduct on the day in question. That was that you intended to kill Sally, and thereby prevent the children from being taken from you."

The judge, when discussing Meade's "dry run" before the murder, said he went to Donvale with a view "to planning what you intended to carry out in the near future".

"You did not drive hundreds of miles from Adelaide merely to savour the delights of Donvale," he said.

Justice Weinberg said it was not suggested that Meade's moral culpability was in any way reduced by reason of his mental state.

This was "despite some aspects of your behaviour that seem to have been peculiar, including in particular the many lies and fantasies that you wove regarding, for example, having rescued Chelsea Clinton from 'the clutches of some kidnappers'."

Meade was jailed for 23 years with a non-parole period of 19 years. He showed no emotion as he was led away.

Justice Weinberg said that months after Ms Brooks’ murder – when Meade was under police surveillance – he travelled to Lake Eildon and Yea in September 2011.

‘‘You conducted yourself in an extraordinary manner, plainly designed to draw attention to yourself,’’ the judge said.

‘‘You did so, as your counsel conceded, in a foolish attempt to make it seem as though you were a regular in the area, thereby supporting your claim to have been working in the Strathbogie Ranges at the time Sally was attacked.

‘‘This too was said to be indicative of consciousness of guilt.’’

Justice Weinberg said it was impossible to overstate the gravity of what Meade had done.

‘‘You deliberately, with premeditation, and without a shadow of justification, took the life of your former wife, the mother of your children, and a woman who, by all accounts, was greatly loved and admired.

‘‘Your conduct was brutal, callous and cowardly.’’

Ms Brooks' identical twin sister, Alison, is now caring for the children in the UK.