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Taxi driver's sex demands terrify teen passenger

A taxi driver who wanted a young female passenger to have sex with him has been tracked down and suspended.

13CABS chief operating officer Stuart Overall told radio station 3AW on Tuesday morning that "we've been swift in our action. We've suspended the driver. We got him in yesterday to 'please explain' and we've suspended him immediately pending a further investigation."

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Cabbie demands sex from teen passenger

Sarah, 19, says a cab driver repeatedly propositioned her to have sex with him and "refused to take no for an answer".

Sarah, 19, booked a taxi through 13CABS last Thursday. The cab picked her up at midnight from Clayton, for a 6km trip to a friend's party in Huntingdale, but stopped a few streets short of the destination.

Sarah said the driver repeatedly propositioned her and "refused to take no for an answer".

She eventually got out of the cab and complained the following day to 13CABS who, she said, ignored her complaint.

Sarah told her story to 3AW on Monday, after which 13CABS took action.


Mr Overall said the phone operator who brushed off the complaint "will undergo further training", and he urged Sarah to report the incident to police.

“The best we can do is suspend him, get him off the road and driving for us, and then we can provide that information to police and they can do the official duties from there” Mr Overall said.

Sarah said it was distressing that she had to tell her story on the radio in order ''to be taken seriously'' by the company.

"It was such a scary and uncomfortable situation to be in," she told 3AW.

"If no one had gotten this driver off the road and something else had happened I just would have felt awful."