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The worst of winter winds is over, says Bureau of Meteorology

After last week’s once-a-year winter blues, Melbourne’s forecast looks set to improve with some welcome sunshine by midweek.

Weather experts have labelled Tuesday’s wintry blast a “once-a-year event” and Melburnians shouldn’t expect that again this winter.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Stephen King expects improvements in the conditions over the next couple of days with a high from the west clearing things up from Wednesday.

At the weekend the city delivered single-digit temperatures with south-westerly winds reaching up to 35km/h during the day.

While Saturday's wild winds have settled, there was little rain let-up on Sunday with 4 millimetres of rainfall recorded between 9am and 2pm.

Mr King confirmed the city has seen the last of the dramatic winds for the foreseeable future and only coastal warnings now exist.


Minor flood warnings have been lifted, although there are some still in north-east Victoria.

The week’s high of 17 degrees is due on Wednesday, followed by a maximum of 16 on Thursday.

The city is not completely in the clear, however, with another cold front due on Friday.

“We are unlikely to see the same front as we did on Tuesday. That is what we would call a yearly event at the most.”

Mr King said temperatures in the mid-teens are expected from this week, a norm for this time of year.

The forecasts for Monday and Tuesday showed cloudy isolated showers with winds between 15 and 25km/h.

The rain returns for Friday and Saturday with rainfall forecast of one to five millimetres.