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Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton caught speeding

Victoria's top cop has admitted he was caught speeding on the Peninsula Link freeway, with a fixed camera detecting him driving at 108 km/h in a 100 km/h zone.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said in a statement on Friday afternoon that he was informed the previous evening that he had received a speeding fine.

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Speeding fine for Victoria's top cop

A fine has been given to Victoria's Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton for driving 108km/h on the Peninsula Link freeway. (Vision courtesy Network Ten News)

"I am deeply committed to road safety and am embarrassed and disappointed to find I have gone above the speed limit.
"This was as a result of a lapse in concentration, which does not excuse my actions, but does highlight the need for constant attention behind the wheel.
"Maintaining focus on the roads at all times is critical; a moments distraction on the road can lead to tragedy. My members see the results of these tragedies every day."

Mr Ashton was fined $190 and will get one demerit point. While he was detected at 108 km/h, the alleged speed was 105 km/h. He said he would donate another $190 to Road Trauma Support Services.

Mr Ashton was detected speeding at 5.38pm on December 13 while he was off duty, but driving his executive vehicle.

He said he regretted his actions and believed he should be held to a higher level of accountability than the general community.

"As Chief Commissioner I know the dangers of straying even a little over the speed limit," he said. 


"I have also spent time with victims of road trauma and know the awful impact it has on their lives. 
"Speeding contributes to approximately 30 per cent of all road traumas in Victoria and those extra few kilometres over matter."

Mr Ashton replaced Ken Lay as chief commissioner in May.

Earlier this week, Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) Doug Fryer said it was concerning how many people thought it was OK to speed, after 7651 drivers were caught breaking the limit during a holiday road blitz.

He said 12 people had died on Victoria's roads during Operation Roadwise, which ran from December 13 to January 3.