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Victorian Parliament: June 10, 2014

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The Premier has finished his press conference. Before he wrapped it up he said the decision was made without political consideration. 

If Geoff Shaw is suspended, the floor of the parliament will be deadlocked at 43 Government MPs to 43 ALP MPs. 

Until tomorrow...

The Premier says he expects the motion to suspend Geoff Shaw to come up just before or just after question time tomorrow, so around 2pm. He has also said he'd be surprised if Labor voted against it, which may come as news to Daniel Andrews who earlier said he would NOT support it... 

Denis Napthine Premier of Victoria at question time, State Parliament.
Denis Napthine Premier of Victoria at question time, State Parliament. Photo: Justin McManus

Still at his press conference, the Premier says avoiding a byelection was never part of the government's considerations. 

It is still unclear whether Mr Shaw can vote on the motion.

"I don't have any regrets,'' Dr Napthine said when asked if he had any regrets about how the Coalition dealt with Mr Shaw since the saga began several years ago.

Dr Napthine, in response to questions, said he had not spoken to Mr Shaw since last Tuesday. 

"I think this is fair and reasonable,'' Dr Napthine said.

Asked if the punishment was designed to avoid a byelection in Frankston, Dr Napthine said the punishment was consistent with other states and the Commonwealth, citing Julia Gillard repaying money after her partner used a car to travel around Victoria. 

"I expect Ken Smith to give serious consideration to this motion,'' Dr Napthine said.

Some more reaction to the motion to suspend Geoff Shaw... 

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... Expulsion, Dr Napthine said, was reserved for only the most serious of offences.

If he does not apologize, "if he thumbs his nose" Dr Napthine said, Mr Shaw would have crossed the line.

Premier Napthine has said the punishment was consistent with other jurisdictions.

He confirmed Mr Shaw would be suspended for 11 sitting days, losing $386 for each sitting day he misses.

"This sets a timeline for which the member for Frankston must comply with the orders of the house,'' Dr Napthine said.

"If he doesn't comply he will be in contempt.''

The Premier's press conference continues - he says an apology is important as Shaw has shown no remorse for his actions... he also says if Shaw does not comply with the conditions he will be in contempt and will then be expelled.

The Premier says since the initial privileges committee report was tabled Mr Shaw has shown "disdain" for the the Parliament and the committee, which is why the punishment goes beyond the initial recommendations, which was a fine.

Premier Napthine says his priority is to always to govern properly for the people of Victoria which is why the budget was passed first.

"[the motion] We believe it deals appropriately and effectively with the wrongdoings."


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Former Speaker Ken Smith would not comment on the government's move to suspend Mr Shaw.
It is understood Mr Smith has not yet decided how he will vote, and whether he will support Labor's move to expel Mr Shaw.

Some more Twitter reaction...

The Premier will hold a press conference shortly to defend his attempt to suspend Geoff Shaw rather than expel him...

Henrietta Cook reports it is unlikely Geoff Shaw will be "named" - which would mean he would continue to receive pay while suspended...


In front of a banner reading "Victorian Labor: Putting People First" Labor leader Daniel Andrews has vowed to continue to pursue an expulsion of Geoff Shaw.
"Denis Napthine talked tough last week, he is acting weak now.''
The Labor leader said the punishment was "gardening leave" with the MP to only go without pay for 11 sitting days, as he is being "named'' by the speaker. 

The Premier is due to hold a press conference shortly.


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If Geoff Shaw is suspended he will lose 11 sitting days' pay... Daniel Andrews calls the suspension motion a slap on the wrist.

Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has called Dr Napthine's plan a continuation of the chaos and circus that is state parliament.

He said Labor did NOT support the motion to suspend Geoff Shaw.
Mr Andrews said Dr Napthine lacked the character to act in the best interests of Victoria.
"Denis Napthine is running a protection racket for Geoff Shaw,'' Mr Andrews said.

The Premier and the Deputy Premier will address the media at 4:45pm...

To clarify, there is no mention of pay in the motion to suspend Geoff Shaw. If you are "named" the current tradition is to donate your pay to charity (this is not a law, more a parliamentary convention)...

The motion to suspend Geoff Shaw does not say how long the suspension would be for. But it is believed it would be without pay. 

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