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Victorian Parliament: September 4, 2014

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And that is that. Richard Willingham sums up: Shaw survives another push to kill his parliamentary career, voters will now get their say on November 29. He left the chamber after the vote, as did most other MPs, as debate on legislation resumes. No doubt the government will accuse Labor of a protection racket and the Opposition will say it is focused on real issues. Just another day on Spring Street. Now just 86 days to go before the election.

The doors have been locked...

Geoff Shaw has voted against the expulsion motion. The motion is lost 42-43 as expected.

Geoff Shaw has returned to the chamber to vote on the motion...

The vote has been called and division is required... 

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The bells are ringing, Shaw returns. We will have a result shortly. Six government frotnbenchers spoke to expel, Andrews gave a short statement from Labor on not to expel.

Just to refresh your memory - this is the day Geoff Shaw resigned from the Liberal Party in 2012...

Geoff Shaw leaves parliament house after quitting the Liberal party.
Geoff Shaw leaves parliament house after quitting the Liberal party. 

Lining up government MPs to speak on the motion "plays into Labor's hands", says Richard Willingham - it perpetuates the idea that the government wants to talk about Shaw rather than "real" issues.

Attorney General Robert Clark talks about Labor's involvement in the Age dictaphone scandal, saying it showed the party had poor standards. He asks why ALP Assistant State Secretary  Kosmos Samaras wasn't sacked by Daniel Andrews.

Phew... the end is in sight. Two more Liberals are expected to speak and then we'll have the vote. 

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Here's the video of Daniel Andrews and Labor's walkout...

Robert Clark is now speaking. "Should the Member for Frankston be expelled? The short answer is yes." Reiterates that Geoff Shaw's apology yesterday was not sincere.

Senior government minister Louise Asher winds up her contribution by saying Labor's backflip on Mr Shaw goes to the core of the ALP. "They cannot be trusted."

Louise Asher: "Labor now understand when you make a deal with Shaw there is no end to the chaos. It's like an insatiable beast."

Geoff Shaw has had enough and walked out of the chamber, reports Henrietta Cook.

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Josh Gordon: In an ominous sign, several Coalition MPs left the chamber during the debate - including former premier Ted Baillieu. Baillieu, Ryan Smith and Cindy Mcleish all had to be retrieved by Liberal Leader of the House Louise Asher. 

Back in the chamber, MP Louise Asher is speaking on the expulsion motion... 

Labor's walkout will not have an affect on the vote to expel Geoff Shaw. They will return to vote against the motion. 

Henrietta Cook: Labor's carefully staged walk-out is no doubt designed to create the impression that the Opposition don't want to waste any more time talking about Mr Shaw. They are having a meeting and are set to return to the chamber to vote on Mr Shaw's future.

Josh Gordon: Having previously claimed that "Victoria deserves better than Geoff Shaw", Andrews has argued that  Shaw met the terms of the June motion, which demanded he pay almost $7000, serve an 11 sitting-day suspension and genuinely apologise. In a perfunctory address to parliament, Andrews criticises the government over TAFEs, hospitals and schools, and says Labor wants nothing more to do with it, And with that, the entire Labor side of the chamber marched out. Don't expect Shaw to address the chamber now. He says he doesn't want to waste any more time.

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