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'It won't survive': bashed newborn's grandfather reveals heartbreaking pain

Baby hand

Jillian McHugh "It won't survive" were the simple, yet heartbreaking words from the grandfather who expects the life support to his one-month-old grandson will be turned off this weekend.

Perth agency makes hoax of deathly charity ad


Jillian McHugh You might have seen the ad – a bizarre public service announcement with the slogan ‘stay in school’ - that’s made worldwide headlines for its graphic depiction of four teenagers dying.

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Youth drinking targeted in WA liquor law review


Jillian McHugh Underage drinking has been targeted in a review of Western Australia's liquor laws, with it recommended that adults who supply other people’s children with alcohol should face criminal prosecution.

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The push to eradicate polio in country where it doesn't exist

Gerard Butler and Michael Sheldrick

Jillian McHugh At a time when most 20-somethings were watching Gerard Butler on the big screen, Michael Sheldrick was helping the actor write a speech about the 67 million children in the world who don't have...

Perth shock jock Howard Sattler to sue station for termination over Julia Gillard interview

Howard Sattler

Jillian McHugh Disgraced shock jock Howard Sattler is suing his former employer Radio 6PR for at least half a million dollars.

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Premier Colin Barnett pays busker $10 to be quiet

Barnett and busker

Jillian McHugh A young busker got his tip of the day when Premier Colin Barnett paid him $10 to "be quiet".

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Rats in the aisle

Hoyts ordered to rectify rodent problem

Hoyts mouse hunt (Thumbnail)

Jillian McHugh Hoyts Carousel has been ordered to clean up the rodent infestation that was discovered by moviegoers on Tuesday.

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Sharks take a bite out of WA surfing business

Shark attack

Jillian McHugh Surfing businesses in Western Australia are suffering because the increase in shark sightings and attacks is scaring their customers out of the water.

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Lingerie Football tempers titillation in WA league

The uniform for the newly renamed Legends Football League has done away with garters and frills

Jillian McHugh Women planning to snag a spot in Perth's lingerie football team on March 3 will be joining a 'matured' version of the sport that previously used garters and frilly knickers as its uniform.

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Rinehart regular in Bald satire of Aussie politics

An entrant in The Bald Archy prize 2013.

Jillian McHugh A stark-naked "Ribena-pants" Dame Edna, a regal, portly and chocolate-faced Gina Rinehart and a cigarette-sucking Julia Gillard have all made the cut as subjects of Australian ire.

Liz Hurley bowls reporter over at Perth airport

Liz Hurley, pictured here watching Shane Warne play at the WACA on Wednesday night, tangled with Channel Ten reporter Caty Price (right) at Perth Airport.

Jillian McHugh Elizabeth Hurley lost her cool at Perth airport as reporters attempted to question her fiancé Shane Warne.

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