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WA woman's hand found in crocodile's stomach after Kimberly attack

A woman's hand and forearm have been retrieved from the stomach of a crocodile that was destroyed by authorities after it attacked a local Wyndham woman on Wednesday.

It is understood the 68-year-old, who is well-known in the community, was struck by the 2.2 metre crocodile at Three Mile Creek around 2.30pm while walking her dogs along a popular jogging path.

Department of Parks and Wildlife district wildlife officer Peter Carstairs said the saltwater crocodile was caught by rangers using a fishing line and transported to Kununurra on Friday to be dissected. 

"Because this crocodile attacked a person and it was in an area used by people and pets it was imperative that we removed it and we ensured that it was destroyed quickly and humanely," he said. 

It is understood the woman suffers from alzheimer's disease and may be struggling to recall the traumatic event. 

Wyndham man Paul Cavanagh said his nephew and son-in-law picked the injured woman up on the side of the road and took her to Wyndham Hospital after seeing she was missing her arm just above her elbow. 

"She was standing on the side of the road just shocked," he said. 


"She's lived here a long time, hopefully she's alright."

The woman reportedly needed to be convinced to get into the vehicle after telling the men she didn't want to get blood in the car. 

They then took her to Wyndham Hospital before she was later flown by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to Royal Darwin Hospital.

She has since had surgery and is believed to be in a stable condition. 

Mr Cavanagh, who used to run the Wyndham crocodile park, said he believed the crocodile that attacked the woman was one that came to live in the creek each wet season. 

"I saw it there when I owned the park, often they're not a problem," he said.  

"If you interfere with them sometimes they might react."

Mr Carstairs reminded locals to stay safe around the waters after rangers spotted another crocodile while catching the one that attacked the woman.