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Elderly woman bites back at attacking Rottweiler

An elderly Perth woman has told how she bit back at a Rottweiler dog in a desperate attempt to stop the animal fatally attacking her beloved Jack Russell.

Lynette Norman, 72, told Channel Ten she was walking her dog in Celebration Park in the northern Perth suburb of Balga when an unrestrained Rottweiler came at her 14-year-old dog, Lady.

"I saw him come and I grabbed her and I hung on to her," she said

"He went woof and he bowled me over, I was flat on my back.

"He had her by the stomach and he just shook her, then he turned her over on her back and with his paws he pushed on her chest."

Even the help of two men who witnessed the attack and ran to her aid made little difference to the dog's level of aggression.


They hit him with a piece of wood but the dog continued attacking Lady.

Mrs Norman said she put her arm up in front of her head and bit the dog on the ear.

"I hung on for dear life," she said.

The Rottweiler retreated but unfortunately it was too late for Lady who had been mauled to death.

Mrs Norman was left with bruising to her arms and injuries on her fingers which required almost 20 stitches.

She said the dog did not appear to have a collar on.

City of Stirling council community safety manager Laurie Crouch said rangers had searched the area for the Rottweiler and another dog seen with it at on Monday but it had not been located.