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Justice Centre escapee found by police - another still on the run

One of two men who escaped from a special treatment centre for accused criminals has been recaptured by police. Officers are still searching for a second escapee.

The two men, aged 27 and 28, were both being held at the Bennet Brook Disability Justice Centre in Lockridge until they climbed a wall and ran off on December 31.

The centre was established to house and treat people who have been accused of crimes but found mentally unsuitable to go through the normal court system.

Seven News reported that one of the men is an alleged paedophile and the other is accused of killing a man by driving dangerously.

Labor MP Amber-Jade Sanderson said the local community had feared such an escape ever since the centre had been established.

In the wake of the escape, Disability Services Minister Helen Morton released a statement saying that the escapees were not considered dangerous.


"The Mentally Impaired Accused Review Board has previously approved leaves of absence for these residents of several days at t time," she said.

"These young men are well advanced in their preparation for independent living and full reintegration to the community."

Unlike prison escapees, the authorities did not release photographs or details of the two men.

The minister also said that security measures at the Bennet Brook facility would be reviewed following the escape.

Addressing a crowd of local residents who gathered outside the centre on Saturday Labor's Amber-Jade Sanderson was critical of the state government and its response to the escape.

"This is really the community's worst feared realised, the escape of two out of three inmates from the disability justice centre in Lockridge.

"The government claims that they are very low risk to the community. Well why are they then housed in a secure facility," she said.

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