WA's X-Press Magazine.

WA's X-Press Magazine. Photo: Pip Doyle

Western Australia’s original and oldest street magazine is going monthly after almost 30 years.

X-Press Magazine managing editor Bob Gordon said it “was a ballsy move to go monthly” after being a weekly since its inception in 1985.

“After 29 years of wondrous weekly print publishing, we here at X-Press are proud and excited to announce the beginning of a new era,” he said. “The beginning of a great adventure, if you will, and we'd love for you to come along with us.”

Mr Gordon said some punters might be miffed not getting their weekly dose of arts and culture.

“Some may find it a bitter pill to swallow,” he told Fairfax Media.

“There is a bit of sadness with the magazine going monthly, but it’s time to move with the times. “We were caught on a bridge between the old world and the new world.”

The much-loved music mag will now hit the streets the first Wednesday of every month from October 1, following the launch of the X-Press app on September 3. The digital version will still be available weekly.

Prior to the explosion of the internet and social media the music magazine was the “bible” for local musicans and music-goers.

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