Payet arrested at hospital with 'self-inflicted wounds'

Aleisha Orr A hunt for a man police believe can assist with the investigation of a hair salon stabbing has presented himself at Murdoch Hospital.

Rayney murder retrial to be considered: appeal

Lloyd and Corryn Rayney

Aleisha Orr Judges hearing the appeal into Lloyd Rayney's acquittal over his wife's murder will now consider whether or not to grant a retrial.

Son saves father's life in vicious dog attack

St John Ambulance

Liam Ducey A Como man who had his hand ripped apart by a Staffordshire bull terrier two weeks ago believes his son saved his life by flagging down passing motorists on Manning Road.

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No doubt Rayney killed wife: prosecution

Lloyd rayney

Anne-Louise Brown Lloyd and Corryn Rayney were living separate lives at the time she died.

Truth of Rayney murder mystery to come to light

Lloyd Rayney arriving at court with daughters Caitlyn and Sarah.

Anne-Louise Brown Lloyd Rayney has arrived at court flanked by his daughters, Caitlyn and Sarah, ahead of his trial over the murder of his wife, Corryn Rayney.

Corryn Rayney's hidden but oft-driven past grave

Lloyd Rayney at Kings Park on day three of the trial.

Anne-Louise Brown Tucked away in thick scrub, just off a sandy track, is the place where Corryn Rayney's body was buried. The location is not remote.

Sex, lies and audiotapes

Lloyd Rayney

Anne-Louise Brown In 2007, Lloyd Rayney lost more than $46,000 gambling. On the night of Corryn Rayney's disappearance the prosecution said he 'rolled the dice and took the gamble'.

The Rayneys - a life laid bare

Lloyd and Corryn Rayney

Anne-Louise Brown The private life of a prominent Perth family has been laid bare this week as, after years of conjecture, rumour and innuendo, the murder trial of Lloyd Rayney began.

'No trust, no love' in Rayney marriage

Ernest Da Silva, Corryn Rayney's father.

Anne-Louise Brown In his own words, Ernest Da Silva shared a 'very close' relationship with his eldest daughter, Corryn Rayney.

Lawyers in Rayney trial hotseat

Corryn Rayney's car as it was found on Kershaw Street.

Anne-Louise Brown A who’s who of the Perth legal fraternity appeared at the murder trial of Lloyd Rayney yesterday, with prominent barristers Philip Urquhart and Mark Trowell giving evidence.

The Rayney Murder Trial - day four of evidence

Lloyd Rayney arrives in court on July 26, 2012

Anne-Louise Brown The prosecution is continuing to call witnesses in the murder trial of Lloyd Rayney this morning.

Key evidence missed for months: Rayney trial


Anne-Louise Brown A key piece of evidence in the murder trial of Lloyd Rayney was not discovered until December 2007, despite being located in Corryn Rayney’s bodybag.

Ties and tribalism - the police investigation into Corryn Rayney's death


Anne-Louise Brown A culture of “tribalism” amongst police officers involved in the investigation of Corryn Rayney’s alleged murder has emerged, with a senior detective revealing the team had matching ties made.

Police intimidation alleged by Rayney witness

Lloyd and Corryn Rayney

Anne-Louise Brown Sinister threats were made by WA’s top cops in a bid to extract a statement regarding the death of Corryn Rayney, according to a close friend of accused murderer Lloyd Rayney.

The Rayney trial: Dirty business

Shoe, seed pods. Rayney

Anne-Louise Brown Was Corryn Rayney's body dragged across a hard soil-covered surface or simply a soil surface?

'No trace of blood' - The Rayney trial

Lloyd Rayney

Anne-Louise Brown Extensive luminol testing failed to turn up any trace of blood or cleaning products at the Como home where Corryn Rayney was allegedly killed, the Supreme Court of WA has heard.

Red brick link in Rayney killing

Lloyd rayney

Anne-Louise Brown Soil samples recovered from seed pods in Corryn Rayney’s hair were “consistent” with those taken from the Rayney home, according to one of WA’s leading mineralogists.

Science in the spotlight: What happened last week in the Rayney trial


Anne-Louise Brown The nitty-gritty details of the level of forensic testing conducted during the investigation into Corryn Rayney’s death was revealed last week in court.

Phone tap witness to appear: Rayney trial

The latest developments in the Rayney murder trial.  (Thumbnail)

Anne-Louise Brown The man who allegedly installed a phone tapping device which recorded the private phone conversations of Corryn Rayney is expected to give evidence today at the murder trial of Perth barrister, Lloyd...

Human skin in unchecked exhibit: Rayney trial

Corryn Rayney's car as it was found on Kershaw Street.

Anne-Louise Brown Human skin and hair were found in sand sitting dormant in Corryn Rayney’s bodybag for almost four months after her death, it was revealed at Lloyd Rayney’s murder trial yesterday.