Selling underwear to the world - Dianella style

Chalpat Sonti It's not normal for a business to throw all the rules out the window and do something it knows will cost it financially - but that's exactly what a Perth company is doing as it seeks to crack the...

Perth woman sues deli owner after drinking sperm from bottled water

Bottled water.

Leanne Nicholson EXCLUSIVE A Perth woman who drank a bottle of water containing semen has lodged civil action against the deli owner who sold the water and whose DNA matched the sperm.

WA police pursuits in spotlight again

Police pursuits in Western Australia will again come under scrutiny after one man was killed and two police officers were injured following two separate chases in less than 24 hours.

Machete attack in Perth soccer club brawl

Corey Stephenson A 23-year-old man has been attacked with a machete during a fight between groups of people at a Perth soccer club.

Priest fined $1000 for ear biting

A West Australian priest has been fined $1000 for biting off the ear of a fellow elderly clergyman in a dispute over a sprinkler.