Kings Park

Corryn died at Kings Park, says expert


Anne-Louise Brown Corryn Rayney took her last breaths at Kings Park, a renowned pollen expert has told Lloyd Rayney’s murder trial.

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Buswell to pay for car damage

Troy Buswell has agreed to pay for the damage.

Former Treasurer Troy Buswell has said he will pay for the damage he caused when he crashed his government car into several other vehicles while driving home from a wedding.

Warrant for man who sparked Perth siege


An arrest warrant has been issued for a man who sparked a four-hour siege at Perth's Kings Park while holding his elderly father hostage in a car and threatening police.

Troy Buswell fined, loses licence over Subiaco crashes

Troy Buswell

Liam Ducey Vasse MP Troy Buswell has been fined a total of $1300 and had his licence suspended for 12 months over a series of crashes in Subiaco that ultimately ended his ministerial career.

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Buswell 'flipped the bird' at Premier, police: Quigley

John Quigley

Nicole Cox Disgraced former treasurer Troy Buswell had effectively “flipped the bird” at Premier Colin Barnett and WA Police by failing to fully explain his actions, Labor MP John Quigley told State...

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Lloyd Rayney appellants seek new trial

Lloyd and Corryn Rayney

If an appeal against the murder acquittal of prominent Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney is successful, the appellants want a new trial, not a substituted verdict.

'Startling' appeal over 'detective novel' findings: Rayney lawyer

Lloyd and Corryn Rayney

Aleisha Orr 'Startling' was how lawyer Bret Walker described the decision to appeal his client's acquittal of murdering Corryn Rayney, Perth's Supreme Court heard.

Lloyd Rayney place card 'was considered' in murder trial

Lloyd Rayney card

Aleisha Orr Lloyd Rayney's lawyer has told a court that 'no errors' were made over the evidence of a place card during the Perth barrister's high-profile trial for the murder of his wife.

Rayney murder retrial to be considered: appeal

Lloyd and Corryn Rayney

Aleisha Orr Judges hearing the appeal into Lloyd Rayney's acquittal over his wife's murder will now consider whether or not to grant a retrial.

Lloyd Rayney murder acquittal upheld

Lloyd Rayney

Aleisha Orr Lloyd Rayney’s acquittal of his wife’s murder has been upheld.

City of Perth to change boundary plans

Perth skyline

Robyn Preston The City of Perth is one step closer to claiming nearby icons, after setting out a revised boundary proposal during a special council meeting on Thursday night.

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Key evidence missed for months: Rayney trial


Anne-Louise Brown A key piece of evidence in the murder trial of Lloyd Rayney was not discovered until December 2007, despite being located in Corryn Rayney’s bodybag.

Ties and tribalism - the police investigation into Corryn Rayney's death


Anne-Louise Brown A culture of “tribalism” amongst police officers involved in the investigation of Corryn Rayney’s alleged murder has emerged, with a senior detective revealing the team had matching ties made.

Rayney secrets, gambling and 'a girl': Magistrate


Anne-Louise Brown In the weeks before she disappeared, Corryn Rayney told her close friend, WA Deputy Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Woods, she was going to kick her husband out of the family home amid suspicions of an...

The Rayney trial: Dirty business

Shoe, seed pods. Rayney

Anne-Louise Brown Was Corryn Rayney's body dragged across a hard soil-covered surface or simply a soil surface?

'No trace of blood' - The Rayney trial

Lloyd Rayney

Anne-Louise Brown Extensive luminol testing failed to turn up any trace of blood or cleaning products at the Como home where Corryn Rayney was allegedly killed, the Supreme Court of WA has heard.

Red brick link in Rayney killing

Lloyd rayney

Anne-Louise Brown Soil samples recovered from seed pods in Corryn Rayney’s hair were “consistent” with those taken from the Rayney home, according to one of WA’s leading mineralogists.

Science in the spotlight: What happened last week in the Rayney trial


Anne-Louise Brown The nitty-gritty details of the level of forensic testing conducted during the investigation into Corryn Rayney’s death was revealed last week in court.

Phone tap witness to appear: Rayney trial

The latest developments in the Rayney murder trial.  (Thumbnail)

Anne-Louise Brown The man who allegedly installed a phone tapping device which recorded the private phone conversations of Corryn Rayney is expected to give evidence today at the murder trial of Perth barrister, Lloyd...

Human skin in unchecked exhibit: Rayney trial

Corryn Rayney's car as it was found on Kershaw Street.

Anne-Louise Brown Human skin and hair were found in sand sitting dormant in Corryn Rayney’s bodybag for almost four months after her death, it was revealed at Lloyd Rayney’s murder trial yesterday.