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Recipe for disaster: Motorcyclist clocked speeding at 215km/h south of Perth

Police have vented their frustration on Twitter with a motorcyclist who they will allege was clocked speeding at a neck breaking 215km/h last week.

Incredibly, police will also allege the motorcycle was unroadworthy at the time of the speeding offence because it had a bald tyre.

Police will allege the rider was clocked doing 215km/h in a 110 zone on the Pinjarra-Williams Road in Boddington on Friday at about 2pm.

The 38-year-old rider from Boddington will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date on a charge of reckless driving.

His Suzuki motorcycle, which had a bald rear tyre, was also impounded for 28 days.

Police tweeted a picture of their speed radar gun shortly after the incident. Traffic officers said the incident was a "recipe for disaster."