Eric Holder

In Ferguson, US Attorney-General Eric Holder shares painful memories of racism

David Nakamura United States Attorney-General Eric Holder arrived in the St Louis area to tour a community roiled by the police shooting of an unarmed African-American teen - nine months after he had visited the...

US Attorney General Eric Holder wants federal government to oversee Texas voting law changes

Attorney General Eric Holder.

Charlie Savage US Attorney General Eric Holder says the Justice Department will ask a court to require Texas to get permission from the federal government before making voting changes in that state for the next...

Ferguson riots: 'It’s like a switch is flipped' during night protests after 47 people arrested: police chief

A policeman charges into the media work area with automatic rifle at ready as  officers try to control demonstrators protesting the killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Carol D. Leonnig, Krissah Thompson and Wesley Lowery Ferguson, Missouri: As darkness fell Tuesday, police and protesters braced for a repeat of late-night confrontations 11 days after an officer killed an unarmed black teenager.

Dozens arrested as US police come under fire in Ferguson, Missouri

Police fired tear gas in another night of unrest in Ferguson.

Scott Malone and Ellen Wulfhorst Police came under "heavy gunfire" and 31 people were arrested, authorities said on Tuesday, during racially charged protests in Ferguson, Missouri sparked by the fatal shooting of an unarmed black...

Michael Brown death: police shoot dead second person as tensions rise in Ferguson

St Louis

Police from the US city of St Louis have shot dead another person a short distance from a suburb that is already the scene of protests over last week's killing of an unarmed black teenager.

Missouri governor criticises release of Michael Brown CCTV footage

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has imposed a curfew in Ferguson.

Chuck Raasch Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said the decision to release a video showing someone who is alleged to be shooting victim Michael Brown before he was killed was "not right".

Missouri governor sends in National Guard to quell riots in Ferguson

Protesters face off with police after tear gas was fired at crowds in Ferguson, Missouri, on Sunday.

Ellen Wulfhorst The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has sent the National Guard into Ferguson after a night of chaos in which gunfire was heard and police used tear gas to disperse protesters.

Ferguson teenager Michael Brown was shot six times, twice in the head, autopsy shows

Police wait to advance on demonstrators after tear-gas was used to disperse a crowd on Sunday night in Ferguson, Missouri.

Frances Robles and Julie Bosman Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager whose death at the hands of police has sparked protests around America, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, a preliminary private...


Ferguson riots, race and Obama's nightmare holiday

Protesters face off with police after tear gas was fired at crowds in Ferguson, Missouri, on Sunday night.

Nick O'Malley Barack Obama took time out from his holiday to address the nation on two complex and violent crises – one in Iraq, one in Ferguson, in the suburbs of St Louis, Missouri, a town has looked much...

New policing approach eases tensions but Missouri anger remains

Demetrus Washington joins demonstrators protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

John Schwartz, Michael Shear and Michael Paulson Hours after US President calls for an end to the violence, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon orders the state highway patrol to take over security from local law enforcement.

Missouri puts African-American highway patrolman in charge of security

A man watches as police walk through a cloud of smoke during a clash with protesters on Wednesday, in Ferguson, Missouri.

Nick Carey Missouri's governor has moved to calm days of racially charged protests over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager.

Norway terrorism alert amid global concerns over Syrian fighters

High alert: Armed police stand guard at the Central Railway Station in Oslo.

Terry Atlas in Washington and Mikael Holter in Oslo A warning in Norway of an imminent terrorist attack has reinforced concern in the United States and Europe about the danger posed by jihadist fighters returning from the war in Syria.

US sends troops to Baghdad

Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant chant slogans against Iraq's Shiite-led Maliki government.

Nick O'Malley About 275 US military personnel are being deployed to Iraq to help American personnel and protect the embassy in Baghdad, President Barack Obama has said in a letter to Congressional leaders.

US executes three death-row inmate in 24 hours

Inmate John Winfield was put to death in the US state of Missouri.

Florida has put to death a convicted double killer, the third execution in 24 hours in the United States, amid a raging controversy over lethal injection methods.

Law to legalise marijuana across the United States is inevitable: poll

Kristen Wyatt Denver: Nationwide marijuana legalisation in the United States seems inevitable to three-fourths of Americans, whether they support it or not, according to a new poll out on Wednesday.

US to consider clemency requests from thousands of prisoners

US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced a plan to consider clemency from thousands of inmates serving time for drug offences.

Sari Horwitz The Obama administration is beginning an aggressive new effort to foster equity in criminal sentencing by considering clemency requests from as many as thousands of federal inmates serving time for...

US to reveal justification for drone strikes against its citizens

Karen DeYoung US Justice Department will publicly release a secret 2011 memo that provided the legal justification for the killing of American terrorist suspects overseas.

US-China cyber-espionage indictments a long time in the making

The five Chinese men have been indicted for allegedly stealing trade data from industrial companies.

Chris Zappone, Philip Wen While the US indictment of five Chinese military officers for commercial espionage has surprised many, it should not.

Mexico captures number one drug kingpin Joaquin 'Shorty' Guzman


Mexico's most wanted man, drugs kingpin Joaquin Shorty Guzman, was captured early on Saturday with help from US agencies in a major victory for the government in a long, brutal drugs war.

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Malaysian police call FBI for help

Chinese ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang, right, listens during a press conference about the missing flight.

Lindsay Murdoch FBI forensic experts have been brought in to help Malaysian police analyse deleted data on the flight simulator belonging to the pilot of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, amid mounting frustration over...