Felipe Calderon

Forget crystal meth, we're dealing iron ore: Mexican drug cartel

E. Eduardo Castillo Forget crystal meth. The pseudo-religious Knights Templar drug cartel in western Mexico has diversified to the point that drug trafficking doesn't even rank among its top sources of income.

Mexico captures number one drug kingpin Joaquin 'Shorty' Guzman


Mexico's most wanted man, drugs kingpin Joaquin Shorty Guzman, was captured early on Saturday with help from US agencies in a major victory for the government in a long, brutal drugs war.

Joaquin Guzman capture presents opportunity to tackle corruption in Mexico and US

As the US and Mexican governments rejoice over the capture of the world's most-wanted drug trafficker, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, agents close to the joint operation that apprehended him say the...

NSA hacked Mexican president's email: report

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon

Eric Martin The US National Security Agency hacked the email account of Mexico's then-President Felipe Calderon in 2010, Germany's Spiegel reported today, citing documents from former NSA contractor Edward...

Mexico City mulls legal marijuana 'clubs'

The Mexico City council is considering the legalisation of cannabis plants and the creation of private marijuana smoking "clubs" as it mulls controversial legislation to liberalise consumption.

Mexican protesters march over 'corrupt election'


Demonstrators flood Mexico cities to protest against widespread allegations vote buying during election.

Eight bodies found inside car in Mexico


Police have found eight decomposing bodies inside a car abandoned by a waterpark in northern Mexico, a day after authorities in a neighbouring state located a sports ute with 14 bodies stuffed inside.

Body of drug cartel leader stolen


Jo Tuckman The body of the leader of a Mexican drug cartel killed in a shootout with marines has been stolen by an armed group, authorities say.

The $200m downfall of The Teacher


Nick Allen Mexico has arrested the leader of its powerful teachers' union on suspicion of embezzling $200 million ($195 million) and using it to pay for luxurious homes in America, private planes, shopping...

Five beheaded in Mexican killings

Five people were decapitated and five others were killed in a spate of violent incidents in the Mexican city of Torrean.

Weather, not drug barons, killed Mexican minister

Mexican President Felipe Calderon stands next to coffin of Mexico's Interior Minister Francisco Blake.

Jonathan Levin, Mexico City Investigators present evidence to support their findings that fog in the mountains caused helicopter crash.

Mexican minister dies in helicopter crash


MEXICO CITY: The Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, has cancelled his trip to a summit of Asia-Pacific leaders in Hawaii after his Interior Secretary and seven others died in a helicopter crash.

Make pot legal, says Colombia


Robin Yapp, London SAO PAULO: The Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, has called for the global legalisation of marijuana to help combat the trafficking of harder drugs and related violence.

US blamed over Mexico arson toll

A member of the Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) holds a Mexican flag in front of federal forces in Oaxaca October 29, 2006. Thousands of riot police backed by helicopters and armored trucks broke up barricades to take control of Mexico's popular tourist city of Oaxaca on Sunday, firing water cannons to disperse leftist protesters.

William Booth Mexican President Felipe Calderon has named the US government, along with American drug consumers and gun dealers, as partly responsible for the deaths of 52 people killed in an arson attack at a...

Mexican president hails capture of ex-police officer turned hitman

Adriana Gomez Licon MEXICO CITY: A former Mexican police officer who has allegedly admitted to ordering 1500 killings during a campaign of terror as a drug gang chief along the US border has been captured in northern...

Top Mexico drug boss who 'ordered 1500 killings' captured


A former Mexican police officer who allegedly admits ordering 1500 killings during a campaign of terror as a drug gang chieftain along the US border has been captured in northern Mexico, federal...

Mexican drug wars kill 40 more

Police agents guard a crime scene in Valle de Chalco, Mexico, Friday, July 8, 2011. Mexican police have found the bodies of 10 men and a woman scattered near a water well on the outskirts of Mexico City. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)

Mexico City Fighting among drug cartels has left more than 40 people dead, their bodies found in three Mexican cities over a 24-hour span, a government official said.

Wikileaks scandal claims US ambassador to Mexico

The US ambassador to Mexico has resigned after Mexican President Felipe Calderon said diplomatic cables written by the envoy damaged bilateral ties.

US diplomat quits over WikiLeaks

Mary Beth Sheridan MEXICO CITY: The US ambassador to Mexico has resigned after the publication of diplomatic cables that criticised that government's drug fight, infuriating the Mexican President, Felipe Calderon.

Gunmen kill six at holiday resort

Mexican gunmen pursuing a rival have killed six people, including two children aged six and two, after opening fire on two family homes in the beach resort of Acapulco.