Michael Somare

PNG women subjected to horrifying domestic violence

Jo Chandler Sophie Mangai, a tall, wiry 60-year-old grandmother and battle-scarred women's rights advocate, leads a protest through downtown Wewak on the Papua New Guinea north coast.

Somare regains seat

Papua New Guinea's ousted prime minister Sir Michael Somare in Wewak, Jul 2, 2012. He is running again for parliament, against the advice of his family, to avenge the insult of his expulsion from parliament last year.Photo: Hamish McDonald

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea's former prime minister reclaiming spot months after being dumped.

PNG's forest sell-off revealed

An ilegal logging track in PNG.

Hamish McDonald Controversial concession allegedly accelerated deforestation of tropical forests: Greenpeace.

What's her future?

Papua New Guinea flag

Jo Chandler Last week's mutiny in PNG may have been short-lived, but it is symptomatic of a country falling apart.

Mutiny leader out on bail

Failed Coup leader , retired colonel  Yaura Sasa under arrest at the Waigani District court in Port Moresby after being charged with mutiny. 28th January 2012. Photo by Jason South.

Leader of last week's failed mutiny in Papua New Guinea released on bail.

PNG rivals strut stage in theatre of the absurd

Soldiers hand back weapons at Taurama Barracks to symbolise the end of the attempted uprising.

Jo Chandler, Port Moresby At Taurama Barracks Belden Namah, acting Defence Minister and deputy to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, swept through the barricades in a police cavalcade bristling with weaponry aboard the shiniest...

PNG coup leader has no regrets

Colonel Yaura Sasa

Jo Chandler, Port Moresby Retired soldier who briefly seized control of the Papua New Guinea military last week says he has 'no regrets' as he is led out of court after being arrested and charged with inciting mutiny.

PNG coup leader arrested on mutiny charge

Yaura Sasa sits at the desk of his predecessor, Francis Agwi, during a press conference in which he said he was in control of the army and had taken the commandership in order to uphold PNG's constitution at the behest of deposed Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, Port Moresby, Thursday, Jan. 26, 2011. AAP PICTURE.

Jo Chandler, Port Moresby The man who led Papua New Guinea's failed coup has been arrested and has appeared in court charged with mutiny.

PNG leaders insist: all quiet on the front

Port Moresby

Jo Chandler, Port Moresby The commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force has assured local media he is back in charge, 36 hours after a coup attempt.

PNG coup instigator wants all pardoned


PORT MORESBY: The man who claimed to be in control of Papua New Guinea's armed forces refuses to leave his barracks and is demanding a pardon for him and his supporters.

Uncertainty in PNG as coup leader frees hostage

Michael Somare

Ilya Gridneff AN ATTEMPTED military coup led by a retired colonel in the Papua New Guinea capital, Port Moresby, yesterday led to a tense standoff between forces loyal to Peter O'Neill and Michael Somare, who both...

Mutiny in PNG as soldiers storm defence headquarters


Ilya Gridneff and Daniel Flitton Australians are being warned to limit travel around Port Moresby after soldiers loyal to ousted prime minister Sir Michael Somare stormed barracks in the PNG capital.

Bill to secure women MPs falters amid turmoil

Carol Kidu

Eoin Blackwell PORT MORESBY: Papua New Guinea's only female MP says there is little hope laws designed to ensure 22 seats for women in Parliament will pass before the next election.

Uneasy lies the crown

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

John Huxley How the high, mighty and the super-powerful have fallen.

How a bunch of loafers led the fight for PNG's heart and sole

Papua New Guinea shoes - the tinsel has been placed on the shoes, nailed to a pole at the Bluff Inn hotel outside Port Moresby, as part of xmas decorations.

Ilya Gridneff, Port Moresby About 30 minutes' drive from Port Moresby, you can find a very unusual political statement.

Governor-General reverses stand to declare O'Neill prime minister

Reversal ... Peter O'Neill and Belden Namah shake hands with Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio at Government House this afternoon.

Ilya Gridneff PORT MORESBY: Papua New Guinea's political crisis appears to be over with the Governor-General, Sir Michael Ogio, reversing his comments of last week, and declaring Peter O'Neill as the nation's...

PNG crisis ends after Ogio confirms O'Neill as PM


Ilya Gridneff The Papua New Guinea political crisis appears to be over with the Governor-General Michael Ogio saying Peter O’Neill is the nation’s prime minister.

Historic women's bill latest casualty of PNG crisis

Dame Carol Kidu

Ilya Gridneff In Port Moresby A landmark bill aimed at guaranteeing women-only seats in the parliament of Papua New Guinea has failed to get the votes required as the nation's political crisis continues.

O'Neill declares PNG political crisis over

Peter O'Neill

Ilya Gridneff PORT MORESBY: Papua New Guinea's political crisis is over, Peter O'Neill said, as the deadlock for political legitimacy entered its second week.

PNG crisis over, says O'Neill


Ilya Gridneff in Port Moresby Peter O'Neill says Papua New Guinea's political crisis is over.