Nick O Malley on Nancy Pelosi

Obama stresses US forces to have no 'combat mission' in Iraq

Nick O'Malley Barack Obama has again declared he would not commit ground troops to battle against Islamic State militants as the US House of Representatives backs his plan to arm and train Syrian rebels.

Rancour and relief as US pulls back from brink

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

Nick O'Malley Minutes before the midnight deadline of the fiscal cliff Democrats started celebrating a partial victory – it appeared the White House and Senate leaders had cut a deal and the US would begin...

Nick O'Malley

11th hour deal gives Obama a breather


Nick O'Malley WASHINGTON: Minutes before the midnight deadline of the fiscal cliff, Democrats started celebrating a partial victory.

Debt battle rages, with Republicans firing first

Mitch McConnell

Nick O'Malley BEFORE the dust has even begun to settle from the battle over the so-called fiscal cliff in Washington there were indications over the weekend that the New Year's Eve showdown might have been a...

State of the Union? Divided by the gun

Ted Nugent

Nick O'Malley One way to get an idea of just how divided these United States are at present is to have a quick glance at the guest list for the State of the Union speech.