Nouri Al Maliki

Bush art: Dubya, brush in hand, captures fellow leaders

Peter Baker A dour Vladimir Putin glares ever so frostily, full of menace, free of mirth, ready to annex any passer-by unwise enough to get too close.

Iraq electoral commission resigns en masse

Raheem Salman The entire board of Iraq's electoral commission quits in protest against political interference, casting doubt on a nationwide vote scheduled for next month.

Journalist killed at Baghdad checkpoint

Suadad al-Salhy An Iraqi journalist was shot dead at a checkpoint in Baghdad on Saturday, causing outrage and forcing Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki into a personal intervention.

Iraq suicide bomber kills at least 45

A woman reacts during a funeral of a victim who was killed in an attack in Hilla, during a funeral in Najaf.

Duraid Adnan A suicide bomber driving a truck loaded with explosives attacked a security checkpoint in the southern Iraqi city of Hilla on Sunday, killing at least 45 people and wounding more than 100, security...

Baghdad bombings kill dozens

Aftermath: The site of a car bomb attack in Baghdad.

Duraid Adnan Bomb blasts in markets, shopping areas and auto repair shops in largely Shiite neighbourhoods of Baghdad, killing at least 45 people and wounded dozens more.

US says Iran involved in Iraq massacre

US intelligence officials believe that Iranian commandos took part in a deadly attack on a compound of dissidents inside Iraq and then spirited seven members of the group back to Iran, highlighting...

Al-Qaeda claims key Iraqi city of Fallujah

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria fighters marching at an undisclosed location.

Liz Sly A rejuvenated al-Qaeda-affiliated force asserted control over the western Iraqi city of Fallujah on Friday, raising its flag over government buildings and declaring an Islamic state in one of the...

al-Qaeda rise sees US ponder Iran role in talks

Khaled Yacoub Oweis The United States raises the prospect of Iran playing some role in this month's Geneva peace talks on the Syrian conflict.

Al-Qaeda linked fighters vow to resist attack

Gunmen patrol the streets of Fallujah, where militants have been clashing with security forces.

Ahmed Rasheed Iraq's Prime Minister has urged people in the besieged city of Falluja on Monday to drive out al Qaeda-linked insurgents to preempt a military offensive that officials said could be launched within...


Power vacuum lifts militants

Gunmen in Fallujah

Ben Hubbard We are witnessing the emergence of a post-American Middle East in which no broker has the power, or will, to contain sectarian hatreds.

Iraq's Maliki flawed champion to fight al-Qaeda

Iraq is facing an immediate threat, says the country's Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki.

Nayla Razzouk Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's self-portrayal as the only viable barrier against a resurgent al-Qaeda has won support from the US and Iran.

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for huge Iraqi prison breaks

Abu Ghraib prison

Rick Gladstone New York: Al-Qaeda asserted responsibility on Tuesday for brazen assaults on two Iraqi prisons on the outskirts of Baghdad two days earlier that freed hundreds of inmates, including many of its own...

Photo brings Iran's plans for Iraq into sharp focus

Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq's Prime Minister.

Paul McGeough A public relations stumble between Tehran and Baghdad has intensified speculation that one of Iran's most senior clerics is about to extend his power - and Iran's theocratic system - into Iraq.

Minister's bodyguards on terrorism charges

Protesters hold a poster.

TEN bodyguards of Iraq's Sunni Finance Minister, Rafia al-Issawi, have been arrested in a terrorism-related sweep, the first official confirmation in a case that is inflaming the country's simmering...

Syrian conflict spilling into Iraq

Iraqi police stand guard during foot patrol at Rabia, near the main border between Iraq and Syria March 2, 2013.

Azhar Shallal Armed men from Syria have carried out an ambush in western Iraq, killing 48 unarmed Syrian soldiers being transferred to the border and nine Iraqi guards, the defence ministry says.

Wounded nation waits for democracy to rise

U.S. Marine Corp Assaultman Kirk Dalrymple watches as a statue of Iraq's President Saddam Hussein falls in central Baghdad in this April 9, 2003 file photo. U.S. President Barack Obama said on October 21, 2011, he would pull U.S. troops from Iraq this year, almost nine years after the U.S. invasion, after he failed to convince Iraq that several thousand troops should remain in part as a balance against neighboring Iran. Picture taken April 9, 2003. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic/files        (IRAQ - Tags: CIVIL UNREST MILITARY POLITICS)

A public meeting in the British Parliament was forced to finish ahead of schedule last month after its keynote speaker became the target of a pair of shoes thrown at him by a young Iraqi in the...

Iraq war death toll put at 162,000


Baghdad About 162,000 people, almost 80 per cent of them civilians, were killed in Iraq from the start of the 2003 US-led invasion up to last year's withdrawal of American forces, a British NGO says.

Terrorist blasts kill dozens as Iraqi leadership fractures

A mask depicting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

London BAGHDAD: A series of bombings in the Iraqi capital has killed at least 57 people, and injured 176, as the country faces a political crisis, with its Vice-President accused of running death squads and...

Iraqi deputy denounces death squad accusations

Tareq al-Hashemi

Dan Morse BAGHDAD: Iraq's Sunni minority Vice-President has denied terrorism charges against him and vowed to defend himself in a defiant news conference as rival leaders called for urgent talks to resolve a...

Last US troops elated to leave Iraq as war ends

US soldiers

The last US soldiers rolled out of Iraq across the border into neighboring Kuwait at daybreak Sunday, whooping, fist bumping and hugging each other in a burst of joy and relief.