Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin: stop Putin with nukes

Sarah Palin has offered unsolicited advice to US President Barack Obama on containing Russian aggression, saying ''the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke''.

Sarah Palin rules out running for US president


Sarah Palin has ruled out running for US president in 2012.

Sarah Palin visits crisis-hit Haiti

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Former vice presidential candidate wraps up a two-day visit in Haiti after touring cholera treatment centres.

Sarah Palin confused on Koreas

Thomas Hunter Sarah Palin's foreign policy skills have again been questioned after the possible future president of the United States referred to North Korea as "America's ally".

Sarah Palin's new reality TV show

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Sarah Palin's Alaska portrays the former US vice-presidential candidate as an adventure-loving wife and mother enjoying a whirlwind of activities in her home state.

Sarah Palin joins Fox News

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Sarah Palin will return to her broadcast roots and take her conservative message to Fox News as a regular commentator.

William Shatner enjoys live-tweeting TV shows - here is why

Loves to start a conversation ... William Shatner enjoys live tweeting about sci-fi television shows, and the actors love him doing it too.

Emily Yahr The internet has always loved Star Trek legend William Shatner because he’s game for anything, whether it’s poking fun of himself in random videos or turning Sarah Palin’s tweets...

How Duck Dynasty exposed a new Christmas culture war

Phil Robertson: likened homosexuality to alcoholism and terrorism.

Nick O'Malley Each year after the leaves fall and Congress ends its business and real news recedes, the Christmas culture wars erupt in America.

TV host's joke about Mitt Romney's black grandson Kieran Romney falls flat

2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney

US television host Melissa Harris-Perry apologised on Tuesday for a recent segment on her show that joked about former U.S.

Republican party civil war on the cards after shutdown

US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Jonathan Martin and Jim Rutenberg After the budget standoff ended in crushing defeat last week and the political damage reports began to pile up for Republicans, one longtime party leader after another stepped forward to chastise...

Pope Francis backs fracking opponents

Unverified photo circulated on Twitter.

Adoration for Pope Francis may go into overdrive now that he has adopted a new role as an environmental crusader.

Romney names fiscal conservative Ryan as Republican running mate

Mitt Romney

Nick O'Malley Paul Ryan, the 42-year-old Wisconsin congressman with close tea party ties and a reputation for wanting to slash taxes and shrink government has been named Mitt Romney’s Republican running mate.

Madonna removes Le Pen swastika


Sean Michaels PARIS: Madonna has toned down her criticism of the far-right French politician Marine Le Pen, modifying a tour video that superimposed a swastika over Ms Le Pen's face.

Heat on Romney in election speech

Romney sweeps Puerto Rico primary (Thumbnail)

Peter Foster and Nick O'Malley, Tampa Mitt Romney was set to deliver a make-or-break speech to America early today putting himself forward as the man who can revive the world's largest economy even as a new poll showed him to be the...

Republicans warm to running mate Ryan

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan

Nick O'Malley It was good enough. Paul Ryan did not provoke the same geyser of excitement that Sarah Palin did four years ago, but in the most important speech of his life the new Republican vice-presidential...

The good, bad and ugly

Texas Republican delegates with cowboy hats.

Guy Rundle, Tampa Bay The Republican convention had its share of bizarre moments, but overall it was a boon for Mitt Romney.

Polarised America: choose your own truth

People listen to U.S. President Barack Obama

Nick O'Malley That footage of Mitt Romney dismissing half the US electorate to a room full of wealthy donors that leaked last Monday may turn out to have been a signal moment of the campaign.

Race the flame that spreads Americans' anger

US President Barack Obama

Nick O'Malley COLUMBUS, Ohio: Barack Obama wears the burden of office etched into his face. The comparison is often made between his wan, worn features today and those of the man sworn into office on that bright...

Obama's race to the finish in a divided land

Barack Obama then and now.

Nick O'Malley, Columbus, Ohio Barack Obama wears the burden of his office etched into his face. The comparison between his wan, worn features today and those of the man sworn into office on that bright day nearly four years ago...

It's 1am at Fox News and this is the graveyard shift

Fox news presenters

Will Oremus IN FOX News' election coverage, there was little pretence of fairness or balance. What there was, from the start, was a glum tone that turned downright funereal by the time Mitt Romney conceded, near...