Islamic State video places British hostage John Cantlie in Kobane

The jihadists are apparently using their captive to show they are still in control of the disputed town.

As China's real estate market cools, the nation's new property moguls look to Australia


Philip Wen To set foot in a real estate expo in China is to run a frantic gauntlet of sales staff thrusting glossy pamphlets into every open hand they can find.

China's secret submarine caves extend Xi Jinping's naval reach

David Tweed Beneath the surface of the South China Sea off the tropical Chinese resort island of Hainan, an underwater tunnel guides submarines into a lair reminiscent of a James Bond spy movie.

Malaysia Airlines faces first MH370 lawsuit

Malaysia Airlines.

Two children of a passenger on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 have sued the company and the Malaysian government for damages, the first lawsuit to be filed over the aircraft which disappeared in...

Suspected cheating on US university placement test delays score results

Nick Anderson and Valerie Strauss A witness says students were caught checking smartphones during the exam.

Hong Kong politician likens protesters to American slaves

Protest symbol: Police officers stand guard next to a picture of Chinese President Xi Jinping holding a yellow umbrella, the symbol of the pro-democracy protest, in the occupied area of the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong.

Ishaan Tharoor A leading Hong Kong businesswoman has urged protesters seeking further democratic reforms be more patient, saying American slaves were liberated in 1861 but did not get voting rights until 107 years...

US chides Russia for military flights over Europe

Flight: The latest incident involved a Su-27 jet fighter, similar to this one.

Stepped-up flights by Russian fighters, long-range bombers and tanker aircraft are aggravating security concerns.

Mexican judge orders US Marine to be released from jail

Tony Perry Lawyers for the man had argued that he needs immediate treatment for post traumatic stress disorder.

Kurdish peshmergas start fighting Islamic State in Kobane

Selcan Hacaoglu About 150 Iraqi peshmerga fighters have brought artillery into the besieged town of Kobane on the Turkish-Syrian border and have begun fighting Islamic State, a Kurdish lawmaker says.

China completes first moon-and-back mission

The moon.

China has completed its first return mission to the moon with the successful re-entry and landing of an unmanned probe.

Tide going out for the Tea Party in US midterms

Tea Party-endorsed Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

Nick O'Malley The midterm elections in Kansas, where the polarising policies of Governor Sam Brownback have caused many Republicans to denounce him, will be a litmus test for the Tea Party.

Israel frees jailed US boy, places him under house arrest

Tariq Abu Khedair, with his mother, after his release from jail.

An Israeli judge has released from jail and placed under house arrest a 15-year-old American of Palestinian descent whose apparent beating by Israeli police has drawn US concern.

Russia places region near Sochi on counter-terrorism alert as six found dead in cars

A Russian Cossack lights a candle near a photo of Russian police sergeant who was killed in a suicide bomb blast at the city's main railway station in the southern Russian city of Volgograd on January 4.

Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Russia began a counter-terrorism operation in a southern province that borders the Krasnodar region, where the Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi in less than a month, after...

Rocket blast damps Orbital as commercial space rush lures rivals

Richard Clough As Orbital Sciences halts rocket launches for potentially a year or more while it investigates a catastrophic explosion seconds after liftoff this week, rivals are poised to jockey for a new slate of...

Rolf Harris denied permission to appeal indecent assault convictions

Rolf Harris.

Nick Miller Rolf Harris has been denied permission to appeal his indecent assault convictions.

Ruth Pollard

Searching for refuge in a land where there are no safe places

Ruth Pollard in Jabal Akrad, northern Syria

Ruth Pollard AS THE night-time temperature in Syria drops closer to freezing and the rains begin, it is difficult to imagine how those who have barely survived without electricity, water or enough food this year...

The Islamic State prisoner and the intelligence chief


Paul McGeough The capture of a prisoner wearing a "nappy'' bomb and a suicide capsule in his belly button has revealed much about the operations of the so-called Islamic State. Paul McGeough spoke to him this week.

Elegant tribute places twin towers victims together side by side


Jon Swaine Around a reflecting pool, a unique September 11 memorial unites families, friends and colleagues.

Ng's defiance places China on defensive

John Garnaut In Guangzhou LATE on Thursday night Matthew Ng dropped his head to his hands and sobbed uncontrollably as defence lawyer Chen Youxi's closing submission reached its climax.

We looked in the wrong places, says Pakistan

Asif Ali Zardari.

Ben Doherty, Khudayar Khan In Islamabad PAKISTAN has said it was an ''intelligence failure'' it had no idea Osama bin Laden was living on its soil, but few in international intelligence believe no one in the government and military...