Nick O Malley on Afghanistan

Obama tries NATO fix for Afghanistan security

Roxana Tiron and Nick O'malley US President Barack Obama today faces the task of persuading financially pressed European governments and their war-weary citizens to back Afghanistan's security over the next decade.

Gillard signs off on millions of dollars of aid for Afghanistan

Julia Gillard

Nick O'Malley in Chicago The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has committed to increasing Australia’s aid to Afghanistan by $85 million a year to $250 million by 2015 in an agreement signed with Afghanistan President Hamid...

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Afghanistan deadline splits NATO members

France's decision to pull out of Afghanistan has angered other countries.

Nick O'Malley Tension over France's decision to pull its troops spilt into public view on the first day of NATO meetings.

'Messy process': NATO backs Afghanistan withdrawal

'It dismays me': Gillard on Thomson scandal (Thumbnail)

Nick O'Malley NATO and its partner nations have completed their plans to withdraw from Afghanistan, with President Barack Obama, and the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard both restating their belief that the Afghan...

Iraq veteran kills three in Fort Hood shooting

Luci Hamlin and her husband Specialist Timothy Hamlin wait to return to their home on the base at Fort Hood, Texas, after the shootings on April 2.

Nick O'Malley An Iraq veteran undergoing diagnosis for post-traumatic stress disorder killed three people at the Fort Hood military base and injured 16 before taking his own life.


US cuts mark shift away from 'two wars' strategy

Cost cutting: US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel with General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at his Pentagon briefing on February 24.

Nick O'Malley The cuts proposed by Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel would leave the United States with its smallest army since the outbreak of World War II, shift the nation off the war footing it has maintained for...

Hollande's US visit to rekindle Franco-American affairs

French president Fran?ois Hollande.

Nick O'Malley You don’t hear talk of “cheese eating surrender monkeys” in Washington, DC, these days.

Hollande's US visit to rekindle Franco-American affairs

Nick O'Malley You don't hear talk of "cheese eating surrender monkeys" in Washington, DC, these days. With the French President Francois Hollande in town for a state visit the focus is on the warmth of the...

Iraq's long shadow over Syrian strikes

Anti-war demonstrators protest against a possible military action in Syria by the U.S. and its allies in front of the French embassy in San Salvador, on September 11, 2013 . AFP PHOTO/ Jose CABEZAS

Nick O'Malley You did not have to look far this past fortnight for criticism of Barack Obama's handling of the crisis in Syria, but perhaps the Republican Senator Bob Corker has been the most evocative.

World watches as Bradley Manning finally faces trial

Bradley Manning

Nick O'Malley Washington: Hailed as a courageous whistleblower and reviled as a common traitor Bradley Manning, the young US soldier who provided Wikileaks with over 250,000 pages of secret US documents, finally...

WikiLeaks: Whistleblower or traitor?

Nick O'Malley, Washington Hailed as a courageous whistleblower and reviled as a common traitor, Bradley Manning, the young US soldier who provided WikiLeaks with more than 250,000 pages of secret US documents, finally faces a...

US turns the screws on NATO, lauds its ally Australia

NATO summit,Chicago

Nick O'Malley Officially, NATO meetings in Chicago this weekend will focus on the alliance's withdrawal from Afghanistan, improved military co-operation between the allies and missile defence.

Allies slow to pledge funds for Afghan forces

Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

By Nick O'Malley, Chicago Australia's $300 million commitment to Afghanistan's defence forces is beginning to look spectacularly generous, as far larger key NATO allies leave the Chicago summit having made smaller pledges, or...

Nick O'Malley

Coping with the 'natural disaster' of firearms crime in America


Nick O'Malley It's hard to comprehend how a country that values its citizens' can tolerate such a situation.

Romney demands answers over alleged security leaks

Mitt Romney

Nick O'Malley Mitt Romney has accused Barack Obama's White House of leaking national security secrets in order to bolster the President's reputation in a major foreign affairs speech hours before he was to depart...

Latest campaign news all bad for Romney

US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney

Nick O'Malley, Correspondent The ominous muttering about Mitt Romney's campaign began last week, but the bad headlines are now really piling up.

World poised to eradicate polio: Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Nick O'Malley Bill Gates has congratulated Australia for its $50 million contribution to an international fund to eradicate polio, saying the world is poised at an historic moment.

Rough and tumble debate ends in a draw


Nick O'Malley Joe Biden won't have to live with Barack Obama's regret that he was "too polite" after the vice-president's tussle with the Republican candidate, Paul Ryan.

Slick Obama puts rival on the back foot

Mitt Romney and US President  Barack Obama

Nick O'Malley PEORIA, Illinois: Barack Obama dominated the third and final presidential debate in Florida, aggressively deploying detail and sarcasm to portray Mitt Romney as inconsistent on foreign policy.

Obama fixes Romney with bayonet

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Nick O'Malley, Peoria, Illinois Barack Obama dominates third and final presidential debate in Florida, aggressively deploying detail and sarcasm to portray Mitt Romney as inconsistent on foreign policy.