Bangkok 'baby factory' includes twins from Australian woman's eggs

Lindsay Murdoch A twin boy and girl who came from eggs donated by an Australian woman were among 21 babies documented in a Bangkok “baby factory” condominium in central Bangkok.

Thai forces descend on central Bangkok to stifle coup protests

A Thai soldier secures the area with a machine gun outside a shopping mall.

Paul Mooney and Simon Webb Thailand's military government sent thousands of troops and police into central Bangkok on Sunday and effectively stifled protests against its seizure of power on May 22, limiting them to small...

Thai junta supporters protest outside the Australian embassy in Bangkok

Flower power: A pro-military protester hands an Australian embassy official a bouquet of roses outside the embassy in Bangkok.

Amy Sawitta Lefevre and Pracha Hariraksapitak A handful of pro-army demonstrators gathered outside the Australian embassy in Bangkok in protest against downgrading of relations after last month's coup.

Thai junta amasses security force to smother Bangkok protests

Thai military police listen to the national anthem at Bangkok's Victory Monument, which has been cleared of protesters and turned into an entertainment venue.

Thailand's junta has prepared a force of over 6,000 troops and police for deployment in Bangkok on Sunday to smother protests and prevent opposition to the May 22 coup from gaining momentum.

Thai police say DNA tests link Japanese man to 12 surrogate babies

Preliminary DNA test results confirm a match between a Japanese man and at least 12 babies he was suspected to have fathered with Thai surrogate mothers, Thai police said on Wednesday.

Thai farmers call off tractor blockade of Bangkok airport

Farmers drive their tractors and other farming vehicles in Ang Thong province, towards Bangkok.

Lindsay Murdoch Thousands of Thai farmers have called off a plan to blockade Bangkok’s main international airport after their leaders spoke with prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

Bangkok: Two children killed in latest round of deadly blasts


Lindsay Murdoch A spate of deadly blasts has killed two children and maimed at least five others as pro-government supporters vowed to confront their rivals in Bangkok, deepening Thailand’s three-month political...

Trained snipers escalate violence in Bangkok

A gunmen takes aim with a gun hidden in a popcorn bag in Laksi square, Bangkok.

Lindsay Murdoch Mysterious gunmen who appear to be highly trained are backing anti-government protesters on Bangkok’s streets as Thailand’s three-month political crisis becomes increasingly violent.

What the government isn't telling you about Bangkok

Anti-government protesters on the streets in Bangkok.

Lindsay Murdoch The Australian government’s advisory for travelers doesn’t say it. But it’s time to speak bluntly: Do not enter or go near anti-government protest sites in...

Australian government upgrades warning for travellers to Bangkok

The father of a pair of siblings killed in a Bangkok bomb blast mourns during their funeral.

Lindsay Murdoch The Australian government has upgraded its travel advisory for Bangkok after a surge of shootings and grenade attacks in the capital that left two children dead and dozens injured, many seriously.

Bangkok shut down will be scaled back, says protest leader

An anti-government protester waves the Thailand national flag.

Lindsay Murdoch The shut down of key parts of the Thai capital will end on Monday, in a retreat by protesters after increasing violent attacks by unknown assailants.

Seven dead after scrap metal workers cut open WWII bomb in Bangkok

Thai firefighters fight the blaze after the explosion.

A 225-kilogram bomb dropped in WWII killed seven and injured 19 in the Thai capital after workers found it at a construction site and sliced it open for scrap metal.

Thai Red Shirts threaten Bangkok protests if court forces PM Yingluck Shinawatra from office

Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra arrives at the Constitutional Court in Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lindsay Murdoch Thousands of pro-government Red Shirt supporters say they are ready to descend on Bangkok if Thailand's Constitutional Court on Wednesday rules to force prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra from office...

Thousands of soldiers fill streets of Bangkok after martial law declared

A Thai soldier arrives at a pro-government rally site on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Lindsay Murdoch As dawn broke on Tuesday thousands of soldiers armed with automatic weapons had been deployed at key sites across the sprawling city.

Red wave set to swamp Bangkok

Lindsay Murdoch Impoverished northern Thailand will erupt if Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is deposed by the courts or military.

Bangkok gunmen appeared to be military trained

BANGKOK, THAILAND - FEBRUARY 1:  Gunmen open fire protecting the anti-government protesters against the pro- government red shirts as violence escalates before the controversial elections February 1, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. Anti-government protesters took over a government building where ballot boxes were stored as they attempt to stop the elections tomorrow. The

Lindsay Murdoch Even before polls opened in Thailand's contentious election on Sunday explosions and gunfire rang out across a busy Bangkok intersection, sending tensions soaring across the capital.

Thai police clear protest sites in Bangkok

Lindsay Murdoch Hundreds of police have cleared several protest sites in the Thai capital. The move came on Friday as many Thais where visiting temples on a Buddhist holiday.

Surreal and dangerous days in Bangkok

Protesters in Bangkok

Lindsay Murdoch It is unclear what will happen next in a tense and deepening political standoff.

Gun Battles in Bangkok

Riot police officers

Phan Fah Bridge was a scene of chaos after protesters threw a grenade at Thai police, killing one and injuring at least six, during a police operation to reclaim land anti-government protesters had...

Thaksin-phobic Bangkok may not have votes to topple Thai political dynasty

Under pressure ... Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has announced new elections but has not resigned.

Lindsay Murdoch When protesters occupied key government buildings in Bangkok in November they scrawled graffiti that read in Thai: “Stupid crab bitch water buffalo face.”