Christchurch earthquake rescuers cleared of blame in student deaths

Martin van Beynen Failures by the New Zealand Fire Service and Urban Search and Rescue did not contribute to the deaths of eight people at the CTV site.

Christchurch earthquake among most violent of its type

Steve Colquhoun Without warning, not even a rumble or a shake, the found itself on a geological trampoline.

Christchurch shakes again

Two more earthquakes shake New Zealand's South Island city.

Christchurch rebuild to cost $34b

In this Jan. 22, 2013 photo, an excavator climbs the rubble of demolished buildings in downtown Christchurch, New Zealand. The city?s population has declined by 13,500, or 3.6 percent, from the 380,000 people it had before the magnitude 6.3 earthquake. Some have left by choice; others because they had nowhere left to live. (AP Photo/Rod McGuirk)

Jason Scott The rebuilding of Christchurch, New Zealand's third-largest city that suffered a major earthquake in February 2011, will cost a total of $NZ40 billion ($33.

Green space the focal point of resurrected Christchurch

Christchurch CBD

Laura McQuillan CHRISTCHURCH: The blueprint for a compact, low-rise CBD in Christchurch has been unveiled, with separate cultural, sporting and retail precincts, all surrounded by open green space.

Christchurch residents still waiting on insurance relief

The earthquake and subsequent aftershocks thrust the insured and insurers into uncharted territory.

Pam Graham Nigel in Brisbane is annoying Christchurch resident Mary Cudworth, who says he is nice but knows nothing.

Christchurch quake as reported by social media

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Millions took to cyberspace after the 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch to read and watch updates posted by those affected in the New Zealand city.

Wild weather poses fresh risk to Christchurch

Karen Kissane Quake-devastated Christchurch is bracing for a bout of wild weather which could send clouds of silt through the air, potentially affecting people with respiratory problems.

Christchurch earthquake search continues 'brick by brick'


New Zealand's Civil Defence Minister says hopes are fading in the search for survivors from Christchurch's quake, as the death toll edged above 100 overnight.

Christchurch quake toll: 75 dead, 300 missing

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Time is running out for the desperate rescuers scrambling to find survivors of the terrible earthquake in Christchurch.

With tremors shaking Christchurch, Christmas Mass forced outdoors

231211 News Photo:Dean Kozanic The Press. Two earthquakes measuring 5.8 and 6 shook Christchurch on Friday 23rd December. Sewage runs into the Avon at the Pages Road bridge after a bank collapse.

WELLINGTON: Aftershocks have continued to rock Christchurch through Christmas, with no sign of the tremors easing for the festive season.

Quakes continue to shake Christchurch


Wellington Christmas is off to a shaky start for Christchurch residents, with no sign of aftershocks easing up for the festive season.

Searching for loved ones in Christchurch

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In Christchurch people are waiting outside devastated buildings desperately hoping that their friends and colleagues will be uncovered from the wrecks unharmed.

Victoria sends help to Christchurch

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Victoria extends helping hand to earthquake stricken Christchurch.

The Christchurch quake as it happened

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RAW VISION Footage is emerging from Christchurch of the moments when the quake hit the city.

Battered Christchurch faces water, health problems

Lucy Rickard Amid the carnage, the battered city of Christchurch now faces a water-shortage and immense pressure on the health system as hospitals are inundated with hundreds of people injured in yesterday's...

Christchurch's tallest hotel 'on brink of collapse'


There are grave fears that the Hotel Grand Chancellor building in downtown Christchurch may collapse with reports the building is visibly slumping.

Christchurch earthquake prone

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Earthquakes are a situational hazard for New Zealand's second biggest city.

Christchurch tales of survival

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Stories emerge of miraculous survival amid the devastation of Christchurch.

Christchurch wakes to devastation

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Survivors emerge from the rubble as Christchurch faces the devastation wreaked by yesterdays earthquake.