Nick O Malley on Israel

Gaza: US in rare condemnation of ally Israel's 'disgraceful' school attack

Nick O'Malley The United States has made a rare criticism of Israel’s prosecution of the war in Gaza, declaring the shelling of a United Nations school sheltering 3000 refugees to be a...

Obama's pick for defence job irks pro-Israel hawks

Analysis Nick O'malley BY THE time the President formally introduced Chuck Hagel as his pick for defence secretary on Monday in Washington, the former Republican senator's enemies on the right had been busy for weeks...

Romney's hard-man speech earns standing ovation in Israel

Mitt Romney in Israel.

Nick O'Malley America led by Mitt Romney would use “any and all measures” to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, the presumed Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, said in a speech delivered in Jerusalem...

Israel push to be 'master of its fate'

Nick O'Malley Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has told Obama that Israel must be 'master of its fate'.

Obama the invisible man ahead of US mid-term elections

Beyond Obama: Kentucky candidate for the US Senate Alison Lundergan Grimes campaigns in the company of Hillary Clinton, but won't say whether she voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Nick O'Malley It was an act of rejection of almost biblical proportions. Asked three times whether she had voted for Barack Obama, a Democratic candidate three times ducked the question.

US border protection panel


John Kerry draws Iran into Iraq crisis

An Iranian woman walks past the murals on the fence of the former US embassy in Tehran.

Nick O'Malley Nick O’Malley

God's army

Book or Mormon

Nick O'Malley Nick O'Malley and Konrad Marshall meet the fresh-faced Mormon missionaries who may soon be knocking on your door.

There will be blood: the US right bites back

Marco Rubio

Nick O'Malley In American politics making speeches targeted directly at your base, with little or no concern for the niceties of centrism, is known as ''throwing out the red meat''.

US to respond to Syria 'in days ahead'

US Navy

Nick O'Malley The US has given the clearest indication yet that it intends to lead a military strike against Syria within days even without the support of the United Nations Security Council.

Iraq's long shadow over Syrian strikes

Anti-war demonstrators protest against a possible military action in Syria by the U.S. and its allies in front of the French embassy in San Salvador, on September 11, 2013 . AFP PHOTO/ Jose CABEZAS

Nick O'Malley You did not have to look far this past fortnight for criticism of Barack Obama's handling of the crisis in Syria, but perhaps the Republican Senator Bob Corker has been the most evocative.

Romney demands answers over alleged security leaks

Mitt Romney

Nick O'Malley Mitt Romney has accused Barack Obama's White House of leaking national security secrets in order to bolster the President's reputation in a major foreign affairs speech hours before he was to depart...

Series of gaffes leaves Romney on the back foot

Mitt Romney in London.

Nick O'Malley Mitt Romney's diplomatic foot-shooting spree in London last week provoked the trenchantly conservative Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer to lament: 'It's unbelievable, it's beyond human...

Getting to know Romney: will Americans like what they see?

Mitt Romney

Nick O'Malley TAMPA, Florida: In the tone of a wise and forgiving father Mitt Romney has given permission to the millions of people who voted for Barack Obama four years ago to unite with Republican true believers...

Gaffe taxes Republican campaign

Nick O'Malley, Washington Analysts are trying to work out which 47 per cent of the population the Republican candidate had just dismissed, and whether it could cost him the election.

Romney faces both ways on foreign policy

Mitt Romney

Nick O'Malley Nick O'Malley, United States Correspondent

Nick O'Malley

Romney faces both ways on foreign policy

Mitt Romney

Nick O'Malley MITT Romney chose a military base in Virginia to deliver a major foreign policy speech laden with the fiery rhetoric of American exceptionalism and martial nationalism.

Super rich cashing in to reshape the world

David Lee

Nick O'Malley A MONTH before the presidential election, America's political landscape is awash with cash. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been pumped into the election by corporations, unions and...

Slick Obama puts rival on the back foot

Mitt Romney and US President  Barack Obama

Nick O'Malley PEORIA, Illinois: Barack Obama dominated the third and final presidential debate in Florida, aggressively deploying detail and sarcasm to portray Mitt Romney as inconsistent on foreign policy.

Obama fixes Romney with bayonet

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Nick O'Malley, Peoria, Illinois Barack Obama dominates third and final presidential debate in Florida, aggressively deploying detail and sarcasm to portray Mitt Romney as inconsistent on foreign policy.