Let us now conquer Rome, leader of Islamic State tells Muslims

Damien McElroy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed leader of the Islamic State stretching across Iraq and Syria, has promised to lead the conquest of Rome as he called on Muslims to migrate to his new land to...

Rome alone: boy, 11, beats airport security

Child on plane

Andrew Hough An 11-year-old schoolboy flew from Britain to Europe without a passport, ticket or boarding pass.

Sea gives up a portrait of ancient Rome

Artefacts discovered

FOR 2000 years the ancient and decomposing hulk lay buried in deep, muddy waters, off the Italian coast.

Austrian gladiator school rivals Rome's in size and significance

Officials say the structure found at Carnuntum rivals the largest of the gladiator training schools in Rome.

PETRONELL-CARNUNTUM: Austrian scientists have unveiled the well-preserved ruins of a large Roman gladiator school in Austria. They described the find as a ''world sensation''.

All roads lead from Rome over quake prophecy


Rome had an empty feeling on Wednesday with some 20 per cent of its somewhat superstitious residents failing to show up for work or going to school because of a prophecy predicting a devastating...

Rome packed for fast-track beatification of John Paul

Pope John Paul II

Jean-louis De La Vaissiere ROME: More than 1 million people crammed into St Peter's Square and central Rome yesterday to watch Benedict Pope Benedict bestow the status of ''blessed'' on the late John Paul II.

Beatification of John Paul II draws crowds to Rome

Image of the pope in St Peter's Square.

VATICAN Pope Benedict will tomorrow preside over the biggest spectacle since his own inauguration in 2005: a beatification Mass that will move his adored predecessor one step closer to sainthood.

Explosive device at Rome embassy

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Police disarm an explosive package found at the Greek embassy in Rome.

Tensions in Rome after blasts

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Traditional Christmas cheer is replaced by tension in Rome where Italian authorities are investigating bomb explosions at two embassies.

Berlusconi's survival sparks violence in Rome streets

ROME: The Italian capital is recovering from a night of violence that left 90 people injured and dozens arrested after the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, survived a no-confidence vote.

Clashes in Rome after Berlusconi wins vote of confidence


Protesters set cars alight and hurled cobblestones at police in chaotic scenes in central Rome after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi won a crucial confidence vote in parliament.

When in Rome, ski as the Romans ski

People stand in front of the Colosseo

Twenty-six years without any serious snowfall in Rome was broken yesterday. The capital ground to a halt and tourists emerged in droves to observe the rare and beautiful occurrence.

Rome sees red over fatal hostage raid

Rajeev Syal, Richard Norton-taylor, Tom Kington, London Diplomatic row between Italy and Britain worsens after hostages killed in botched rescue.

Mary MacKillop hits fever pitch in Rome

Mary MacKillop

Thousands gather in Rome and around Australia for the canonisation of Mary MacKillop.

Rome's Colosseum crumbles

Chunks of mortar fall from a wall in Rome's Colosseum, sparking calls for urgent restoration.

Tremors turn seismic as a parish defects to Rome

The Church of England is facing a potential exodus over liberal reforms and the issue of the ordination of women, writes Tim Ross.

Blue skies welcome pilgrims in Rome

Mary Mackillop

Paola Totaro in Rome Pope Benedict XVI has declared Australia's first saint, Mary of the Cross MacKillop.

Rome demolishes Gypsy shanties

Nick Squires ROME: A Europe-wide backlash against Gypsies gathered pace as Rome began demolishing shanty settlements.

Pope Francis dispatches envoy to investigate Italy's 'playboy priests'

Nick Squires The diocese of Albenga-Imperia, in the Liguria region of northern Italy, has allegedly hosted a string of "playboy priests" moonlighting as barmen, stealing parish funds and getting tattooed